A World is a place where players can gather materials such as Soil Block, Granite, Obsidian, Marble, and Lava. These worlds can be fully claimed by placing a World Lock or Platinum Lock in them if there isn't a lock already. The World Name needs to have a minimum of 2 characters, and a maximum of 15 characters. Special characters can be added to the player's world name such as _ { } [ ] - ^

As of patch 1.3.4, the World Generation System was introduced. Since then, worlds generated will have Gem Soil, Grass, Small Rocks, Rocks, Bush, Vegetation Block, Tree Trunk, Water and more included.

World Rights

The Owner of the World is able to give rights to other players of his/her choice. Players with this rights are able to break and place blocks inside the world. The Owner of the World also gets a special set of power when wrenching other players in the World such as:

  • Summon (Summon the player to a designated area)
  • Kick (Kicks the player from the world)
  • Ban (Bans the player from the world)
  • Kick All (Kicks all the players from the world) (Located in the World Lock)
  • Ban All (Bans all the players from the world) (Located in the World Lock)

World Structure

Every World has 27 layers of Soil Block, Gem Soil, Granite, Obsidian, Marble, and Lava. Lava can only be found under the 17th layer of the world. The World dimension is at 80 x 57 blocks (Excluding the bedrock layer). As of the update 1.0.8, Entrance Portal Mover was introduced into the game allowing players to change the location of the World's Entrance Portal.

Customizing Worlds

The World Background and Weather Effect can be customized by using an Orb and Weather Globe respectively which can be bought in the shop for gems.

As of patch 1.5.80, players can add "Darkness Effect" into their World by using either the Sphere of Lesser Darkness, Sphere of Darkness, or Sphere of Great Darkness.


Orbs are consumables that changes the background of the current World you are in. In order to change the background, you will have to own the world where you want to use it, then simply double-click the Orb in your inventory. Afterwards, there will be a pop-up warning window to confirm that you would like to use that specific Orb in your World, click accept and BAM! the background of your World has been modified to the type of Orb you have used.

These are the Orbs that are currently in the game, do note that some are Seasonal Exclusive:

Weather Globes

Added during patch 1.4.3, the Weather Globe will change the World's Weather Effect depending on the type of Globe used. Players have many choices to choose from and they will be able to reset these effects by using the Weather Globe - Reset.

These are the Orbs that are currently in the game, do note that some are Seasonal Exclusive:

Dynamic Worlds

Dynamic Worlds are Worlds owned by the Admins that serve a specific purpose to introduce certain mechanics in the game as well as making most of them available only to be used in that specific world. Some have regulations and/or requirements that need to be met before getting access to any of them.

Although Dynamic Worlds are like regular Worlds with a maximum capacity of 50 players, Dynamic Worlds have multiple servers, meaning there can be many players entering these Dynamic Worlds at the same time but placed in different servers.

Event Worlds

These worlds are specially built for events such as Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, etc...

World of the Week

The World of the Week is a world that Jake and his viewers choose during his streams every Thursday. The world that is chosen gets featured on the World Of The Week section in the Top Rated Worlds. As of the 1.1.30 Update, winners will get a Wotw Trophy as a reward for their hard work. Click here for the list of World of the Weeks.

WotW Trophy

Ratings & World Types

World ratings are obtained by the players that visit your world. In order for a player to rate a world they must be level 20+ and the world you want to rate needs to have a Rating Board obtained from the Special Item Packs in the shop. The worlds with the highest ratings will appear in the Weekly Top Rated, Monthly Top Rated, and All Time Top Rated Worlds.

World Owners can now choose their World's Type, in order to do that the owner must click on the menu and in the up left corner will be a box where you can choose your World's Type. There are different types of worlds such as:

  • Trade Trade.png
  • Platformer Platformer.png
  • Farm Farm.png
  • Hang Out Hang Out.png
  • Info Info.png
  • Story Story.png
  • Pixel Art Pixel Art.png
  • Work Work.png
  • Unfinished Unfinished.png
  • None None.png
  • PvP PvP.png
  • Storage Storage.png
  • Collection Collection.png
  • Fishing Fishing2.png

Decayed Worlds

A decayed world is a world that is found with Decayed Lock. Small, Medium, Large and Battle Locks decay after 90 days of inactivity whereas World locks, Platinum Locks, Dark World Locks, Battle World Locks, and Clan Locks decay after 365 days of inactivity.

Only the lock owner can refresh the lock inactivity by logging into the game.

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