Event Description

Valentine's event 2018

Valentine's 2018 started on February, 6th and ended February, 27th.

Post a selfie with one or more friends to Instagram with hashtags #PixelValentine and #Valentines. We pick a winner for FREE GOLD VIP every day! The winners are announced in weekly Youtube videos!

Patch notes:

- Valentine's Day is here!

Catch a Heart mini event on 14th February!

- New Dynamic World: Pixel Station!

- Recipe book for growing those items!

- Candy booster with 69 items!

Love Cape Blueprint

-Selfie competition with free Gold VIP price every day!

- New limited time familiar! - New items for Scifi Booster!

-15 new items for tiers!

- New item type: Magic item.

-Optimisations and bug fixes.

In this Valentine's event, the prize is a Pink Umbrella. Also, the Event Character Mr_Valentine was still in the world MR_VALENTINE, but less often and with smaller giveaways.

There is also the limited time Candyworld Booster, the limited time Candy Orb and the limited time Heart Chocolates.

Valentine‘s Event 2017

February 8th, Bring in the love and take a picture with Mr_Valentine and post it to either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #pixelworlds and #valentines for a chance to win 50 Days of VIP (If your name isn't visible, state it in your post). And also don't forget to check Daily Bonus for new prizes including the Cherub Wings (VIP Only)!

There is a limited time only Candyworld Booster packed with all kinds of cool items, including the Blue Teddy Head, Blue Teddy Suit, and Blue Teddy Shoes! Also there is a limited time only orb called the Candy Orb which turns the background of your world into a Candyland!

Also, don't forget to visit the world MR_VALENTINE for a chance to meet and win one of Mr_Valentine's giveaway!