What is VIP?

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VIP is a subscription starting from 10 days up to 365 days (Bronze to Diamond), VIPs are players whom purchased VIP packs from the gem store. They are rewarded a daily of 2,000 free Gems . As they also have their own exclusive area at the Daily Bonus World with a special grand prize for VIPs only which allows the players to get two (three with watching an advertisement) Daily Bonuses (Normal and VIP) in one day!

VIP Packs are no different than the other, as they all have the same rewards. But each pack (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby and Diamond) last for different periods of time.

What are some ways of getting VIP?


Bronze VIP (10 Days)

There are few ways of receiving VIP subscription in Pixel Worlds. Below, some of the methods are listed.
  • Purchasing it. You can purchase it from the gem store, with price depending on the VIP's type.
  • Receiving it from the achievements or quests. Some of the achievements, quests grant you a free VIP subscription for a certain amount of time as a prize.
  • Giveaways and contests.
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