aka TinyHope

  • I was born on January 12

Welcome to my profile

About me

Hey! I am TinyHope, a regular player in Pixel Worlds. I enjoy creating new pages, and contributing information to this wiki. Don't be afraid to contact me either on discord or the forums in case any questions arise.

My contact information

As mentioned before, you are free to contact me. Please, use one of the following methods below.

  • TinyHope#5781 on Discord
  • TinyHope on the official Pixel World forums
  • @TeenyHope on Twitter

"Pixel Worlds Wikia" Discord Server

On April 13th of 2018, I have decided to bring all of the people who love contributing to Pixel Worlds wikia together under a discord server. There, we can share information, help each out, and make important announcements. You don't have to be a regular editor, nor do you even need an account on Wikia. Everyone is welcome to join!


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