Summer Event 2017

Summer Event 2017 started on July, 5th and ended on 1st of September 2017.

During this event, if you had a Golden Cone Statue, Ice Cream Carts would spawn into your world. By destroying them, you would earn Ice Cream Cones.

In order to break the Ice Cream Carts faster, you needed a Hammer of Summer.

Special Quest NPC: Big Billy

  • 30+ NEW ITEMS
  • New background: Sand Orb
  • New Player XP Max Level: 300
  • New Underwater Mechanics
  • Entrance Portal Mover
  • New Feature/item: Fertilizer
  • CHANGES TO WORLD TRADING (if world has "free collectables" it cannot be traded)

During this Event, there was also update 1.0.9, which brought the Familiars.

Summer Event 2018

Summer Event 2018 started on July, 11th and ended on 31st of August 2018

Summer is here and so is Big Billy! He craves ice cream and will gives you prizes if you give him Ice Cream Cones. You can get ice cream from the summer event that starts every hour in worlds with Golden Popsicle. You can get the Golden Popsicle from shop or just join a world that has one to get those ice creams! Sun Hammer gives you more ice cream every time, so check it out in the Shop!

Event brings you: Statue

Summer Event 2019

Summer Event 2019 started on July, 3rd

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Summer Event 2020

Summer Event 2020 started on July, 1st and ended on 1st of September 2020

Summer is now here and we have brought you a lot new items! So don't forget to grab those Ice Cream Cones and give them to Big Billy for limited time items!

We bring you: Watermelon Wings!

  • We've also brought back the limited time orb: Summer Sky Orb! And also some other few items that makes Summer like the old Summer times.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get those Ice Cream Cones and have fun this Summer!

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