Event Description

"Head down to LEPRECHAUNCAVE and meet The Leprechaun! Who knows, he might give you exclusive items obtainable during this Event in exchange for Cloverleaf." -In-game message.

The event took place on saint patrick week, lasting almost a month.

March 8 2017

Update 1.0.30

Leprechaun Questline

+50 New clothes and blocks.

World events where players smashes pots in order to receive lucky clovers.

Featured videos in-game.

March 13 2018

Update 1.2.0

The Leprechaun Questline is back, but with some new and different prizes!

St. Patrick's Booster is back, with some new items.

PWExchange was added, along with a new currency, Byte Coins which are used to trade.

A total of 150 new items were added!

New Daily Bonus main prizes

New Limited time familiar: Clover

Butterfly Collecting and new NPC Questline!