The Secret Base

Sam the Superhero needs our help to defeat the evil professor plotting against Pixel Worlds, so grab the strongest weapon and armor you can find and prepare to fight! For this you'll need a Blue Portal and Blue Particles, Blue Portals can be made by combining 200 Blue Particles or buying it directly from Sam at FORESTHILLS, for 480 Byte Coin. The Blue Portal will charge you 20 Blue Particles each time you want to enter, you can also ask 2 other players to join you on your adventure (they will be charged 20 Blue Particles as well).

In this Secret Base, you'll encounter 5 rooms, the first 4 being rooms guarded by minions and the 5th being the Boss room where you will have to defeat the Manic Mecha, a mecha controlled by the evil professor. At the end of rooms 2, 4 and 5 you'll be rewarded with a prize ranging from blocks and props to clothes and weapons (common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare & legendary).


Superhero Sets

The legendary superhero suits that you can win from the Secret Lab changes every month! To celebrate the release of the superhero update, there were two suits for December. Permanent legendaries include the Small Laser Gun and the SHOUTGUN , and Clubber Set!


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