Sam the Superhero needs our help to defeat the evil professor plotting against Pixel Worlds, so grab the strongest weapon and armor you can find and prepare to fight! For this you will need a Blue Portal and Blue Particles.

In the Secret Base, players will encounter 5 different rooms, the first 4 being rooms guarded by minions and the 5th being the Boss room where they will have to defeat the Manic Mecha, a mecha controlled by the evil professor. At the end of rooms 2, 4 and 5, players will be rewarded with a prize ranging from blocks and props to clothes and weapons (common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare & legendary).

Blue Portals can be made by combining 200 Blue Particles or buying it directly from Sam at FORESTHILLS for 480 Byte Coins. The Blue Portal charges players 20 Blue Particles each time they want to enter. They can also ask 2 other players to join the adventure to complete the world (they will be charged 20 Blue Particles as well).

Common Prizes

Metal Railing Lab Control Panel 1 Lab Control Panel 2 Dark Electric Wires
Lab Equipment 1 Lab Equipment 2 Lab Equipment 3 Hanging Wires 1
Hanging Wires 2 Large Hose Lab Meter Hazard Platform
Chemistry Poster Plain Poster Black Half-Head Mask Blue Half-Head Mask
Green Half-Head Mask Red Half-Head Mask Purple Half-Head Mask Black Domino Mask
Blue Domino Mask Green Domino Mask Red Domino Mask Purple Domino Mask
Deflector Super Deflector Electric Trap Laser Trap
Laser Beam Trap Fox Ears Fox Tail SHOUTGUN
Industrial Fan Arasaka LLP-X5 World Hologram Floor Spotlight
Blue Hero Cape Black Hero Cape Green Hero Cape Red Hero Cape
Blue Hero Cape Radiating Nuke Heroic Pinball Bumper Heroic Spring Board
Black Heroic Tights Blue Heroic Tights Red Heroic Tights Green Heroic Tights
Purple Heroic Tights Quantum Safe Red Headband Black Cat Tail
Black Cat Ears Crowbar Bronze Key Silver Key
Golden Key Marvelous Moustache Yellow Utility Belt Orange Utility Belt
Pink Utility Belt Turquoise Utility Belt Yellow Ninja Mask Orange Ninja Mask
Pink Ninja Mask Turquoise Ninja Mask Heroic Black Hood


Similar to the Netherworld, the Secret Base have AI-controlled characters that have different kind of attack, health, design, and movement. Unlike the Netherworld, killing these minions does not give any Gems or item drops. There are currently 6 minions (including the Manic Mecha) in the Secret Base.

Boss and Minions
Boss Minions
Manic Mecha.png Manic Mecha Bomber Drone.png Bomber Drone
Plasma Cannon.png Plasma Cannon
Death Drill.png Death Drill
Buzzkill.png Buzzkill
Electro.png Electro

Superhero Sets

The legendary superhero suits that you can win from the Secret Lab changes every month! To celebrate the release of the superhero update, there were two suits for June. Permanent legendaries include the Small Laser Gun and the SHOUTGUN, and Clubber Set!

Month Set
January Blackbird Mask
Blackbird Cape
Blackbird Shirt
Blackbird Pants
Blackbird Shoes
February Tridentist Mask
Tridentist Teeth
Tridentist Shirt
Tridentist Gloves
Tridentist Pants
Tridentist Shoes
Tridentist Lance
March DaBomba Mask
DaBomba Moustache
DaBomba Cape
DaBomba Shirt
DaBomba Gloves
DaBomba Pants
DaBomba Shoes
DaBomba Dynamite
April Retributor Mask
Retributor Shirt
Retributor Gloves
Retributor Pants
Retributor Tail
Retributor Jump Pack
May Sup-a-Fly Hair
Sup-a-Fly Mask
Sup-a-Fly Shirt
Sup-a-Fly Pants
Sup-a-Fly Shoes
Sup-a-Fly Wings
Sup-a-Fly Swatter
June Night Chick Hair
Night Chick Domino Mask
Night Chick Top
Night Chick Pants
Night Chick Boots
Night Chick Wrist Guards
Punchpool Mask
Punchpool Chest Armor
Punchpool Gloves
Punchpool Leg Armor
Punchpool Shoes
July Mystery Dude Cape
Mystery Dude Shirt
Mystery Dude Pants
Mystery Dude Shoes
August Kettlehead Mask
Kettlehead Shirt
Kettlehead Gloves
Kettlehead Pants
Kettlehead Shoes
Kettlehead Cape
September Green Bouncer Hair
Green Bouncer Mask
Green Bouncer Shirt
Green Bouncer Pants
Green Bouncer Shoes
Green Bouncer Shield
October Captain Grit Mask
Captain Grit Shirt
Captain Grit Gloves
Captain Grit Pants
Captain Grit Shoes
Captain Grit Jump Pack
November Sir Laser Helmet
Sir Laser Shirt
Sir Laser Gloves
Sir Laser Pants
Sir Laser Shoes
December Gloomy Clubber Mask
Gloomy Clubber Shirt
Gloomy Clubber Pants
Gloomy Clubber Shoes
Gloomy Clubber Stick Sheaths
Gloomy Clubber Dual Sticks
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