As of 7 June 2017, quests were introduced in version 1.0.70. Quests are tasks you have to do to obtain special rewards such as Experience Points, Gems, and Items. The Quests are located on the scroll looking button on the middle left side of your screen. There are three types of quests, the Tutorial Quests, the Daily Quests and the clan quests, although players who have not joined a Clan will be unable to access clan quests.

This page needs updating!

This page has many outdated pieces of information, such as the amount of experience for many quests as that was changed with the leveling update. Some quests are also not included, particularly affecting clan quests. If you get a quest and you notice it is incorrect please update it here. Thank you

Tutorial Quests

The Tutorial Quests are meant to help players learn more about the game and its functions. When you finish all the Tutorial Quests you can start doing the Daily Quests. Here is a list of all the Tutorial Quests:


Quest Description Reward
Basics of Breaking Break 10 Soil Blocks. 20 Gems
Growing up is Easy Plant 2 seeds. 20 XP
Building Time Place 5 blocks into a World. 30 Gems
Two Seeds Become One Cross-breed two different seeds. 50 Gems
Harvesting time Harvest 2 trees. 100 Gems
Lock and Load Place Small Lock into a world. 50 Gems
Room for More Expand your inventory to 20 slots. 50 Gems
Seeds for Sale Buy Basic Seeds Pack. 75 XP
My First Words Say something in Chat. 75 Gems
World Explorer Visit 2 different Worlds. Red Scroll
Netherworld Use a Red Scroll and visit Netherworld. 5 Byte Coins
Ready to Roll Get a daily quest from Pixel Station. 250 Gems

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are quests that you get on a Daily Basis. You get 3 every 4 hours (the player can't have more than 3 quests at a time), and if you complete them you'll get some sort of reward like Experience Points, Gems or Items. You can cancel a quest if you can't do it or if it is too hard for you. When you complete a quest you'll have to go back to DAILYQUEST (now known as PIXELSTATION) so you can retrieve your reward from the Quest Robot. Here is an List of all Daily Quests:


Quest Description Reward
Bad Hair Day Bring Brown Paper Bag. 250 XP
Thug-Bot Bring Sunglasses. 150 Gems
Art Collector Bring 12 Classic Sculptures. 500 Gems
Lock and Lol Bring 1 World Lock. 2,000 Gems
Epic Destroyer Break items worth 500K complexity. Walking Cane
Life is Sweet Bring 100 Strawberry Blocks. 500 Gems
Legendary Pixelian Gain 250,000 XP points. Dark World Lock
Double Gems! Collect 1,000 Gems. 1,000 Gems
Welcome to the Jungle Break 1,000 Jungle Grass. Spiky Punk Green
Clowning Around Crossbreed Clown Suit Tree. 250 Gems
Merchant Apprentice Trade 5 times. 150 XP
Killed by Death Die 100 Times. 125 XP
Color Swap Bring 10 Brown Block Seeds Other block seeds
Mirror Mirror... Bring a Makeup Table. 250 Gems
Obsidian Heist Bring 25 Obsidian Blocks. 100 Gems
Thirst'o'Bot Bring 1 Water Block 500 XP
Hot Stuff Break 10 Lava Blocks. Classic Sculpture
Master Builder Place 1,000 Blocks into a World. Rating Board
My Very Own TV Crossbreed Old TV Tree. 250 Gems
Microwave Love Bring 1 Microwave. Red Shard
High Value Smasher Break items worth 20K complexity. World Lock
Need for Seed Bring 100 Lava Lamp Seeds. White Cap
Been There, Done That Visit 100 different Worlds. 5000 XP
Roses are Red Harvest 100 Rose Trees. 250 XP or 25 Byte Coins
Booster Rooster Buy one Booster. 500 XP
World Critic Rate 5 Worlds. 250 XP
DeeJay's in da House Change background Music. 20 XP
Lumber-Bot Harvest 100 Wood Block Trees. 450 Gems
Shroom Smasher Break 50 Mushrooms. 10 Byte Coins
Experienced Pixelian Gain 200 XP points. 200 Gems
X Marks the Spot Bring 1 Small Chest. 5x Pile Of Money
Smash those Marbles Break 25 Marble Blocks. 200 Gems
Home Grown Stuff Harvest 50 different trees. 2000 Gems
Art Vandal Break 4 Classic Painting. 500 Gems
Cave Digger Break 100 Cave Walls. 150 XP
Karaoke Night Bring one Gramophone. Microphone
Magic Stuff Frenzy Bring 200 Magic Stuff Blocks. 1000 Gems
Worlds Worth Seeing Visit 5 Worlds. 250 XP
Wayfarer Visit an Alien Worlds. 50 Byte Coins
Grass Hopper Bring 200 Grass. 500 Gems
Decorator Place 20 Props. 200 XP
Let the World Hear You Send one Global Message. 50 Byte Coins
Gem Farmer Collect 500 Gems. 500 XP
Familiar Foodie Bring 1 World Lock 3 Blue Cookie
Master's Of Ice Bring 50 Ice Block Ice Hockey Helmet
Ice Cream Tasting Bring 50 Ice Cream Cones. Blue Candy
Feeding Time Crossbreed a Familiar Food Machine. 2,000 Gems
Upgrade to HD Break 15 Old TVs. Flat Screen TV
Tasting time Bring 1 Blue Sandwich. 4,000 Gems
Glass Artisan Harvest 100 Glass Block Trees. 1,000 Gems
Jelly Smasher Destroy 500 Clear Jelly. Vortex Portal
Master Decorator Place 200 Props. 1,000 XP
Quack Quack Bring 1 Sign. 10 Rubber Ducks
From Snow To Sand Bring 50 Sand Blocks. Brown Paper Bag
Getting A Haircut Bring 5 Buzzsaws. Black Buzzcut
Corn Crop Break 50 Corn. 250 Gems
Cowboy Time Bring a Stetson Hat. 350 XP
Rock-bot Harvest 100 Granite Block Trees. 250 Gems
Granite Grinder Bring 100 Granite seeds. 10 Sand Seeds
Go out and Play Kill 10 Players in Battle. 250 Gems
Fearless Fighter Kill 30 Players in Battle. Checkpoint or other items
Bring Me Victory Kill 100 Players in Battle. 2 Portals or other items
Rampage Hunter Kill 1000 Players in Battle. 1 Day VIP
Nether Hunter I Kill 20 Flame Jumpers in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter II Kill 20 Flame Flyers in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter III Kill 20 Flame Chargers in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter IV Kill 20 Abyss Walkers in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter V Kill 20 Robe Casters in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter VI Kill 10 Tentacle Shooters in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter VII Kill 20 Staff Casters in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter VIII Kill 20 Nether Wraiths in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Nether Hunter XII Kill 5 Abyss Walkers in Netherworld. Crystals, Red Scrolls or part of the Nether Armor Set.
Excavator Bring 200 Sandstone seeds. 5, 10, 20 Bone Dust or 1 Fossil.
Smash and Grab Bring 5 Spray Can.

500 Gems

Helping hand Break 50 Blocks in a world owned by another player. 50 Byte Coins
Hammer and Anvil Bring 100 Iron Block. Viking Spear
No time to explain Finish the Netherworld in 8 minutes or less. 100 Gems
Ember Bender Bring 20 Nether Embers World Lock
Garden State Buy 50 seeds from PWE 50 Byte Coins
Modern Merchant Make 5 sales in PWE 1000 Gems
Modern Shopper Buy 10 times from PWE 1000 Gems
Smart Customer Buy 1000 of anything in PWE 200 Byte Coins
Level up! Gain a level 1 World Lock
Water From Rocks Bring 20 Rocks 10 Water Seeds
Constant Gardener Plant 100 seeds 50 Byte Coins
Horticultural Capital Crossbreed 20 different trees 5 Mag Lift or Cloud Platform
I Need A Hero Defeat the Manic Mecha boss in Secret Base 150 Byte Coins
Step It Up Bring 10 Red Sneakers 50 Byte Coins
Pineapple Party Place 100 Pineapple Block 500 Gems
Power Training Bring 100 Mushrooms 450 XP
Power Training XII Bring 100 Dark Red Blocks 2500 XP
Show Me The Money Earn 100 Byte Coins 1500 Gems
Most Recent Post Place a Sign 250 Gems
Candy Quest Crossbreed 100 Magic Stuff trees. 20 Liquorish Block
Bulk Trader Sell 1000 of anything in PWE 200 Byte Coins
Propagandist Sell 100 Props in PWE 75 Byte Coins
Bone Meal Bring 1 Bone Dust 10 Large Fertilizers
Flower Gardener Place 100 Soil Blocks 10 Lily Seeds
Catch and Release Catch a Tiny Fishes 500 Gems
Fistful of Fishes Catch 5 Small Fishes 50 Byte Coins
Feeding the Cats Catch 10 Small Fishes 200 Byte Coins
That's a Keeper Catch a Medium Fishes 150 Gems
Rodster's Challenge Catch 5 Medium Fishes 500 Gems
Fishy Business I Catch 3 of any Fishes 50 Byte Coins
Fishy Business II Catch 10 of any Fishes 250 XP
Fishy Business III Catch 30 of Any Fishes 5 Green Spinner
Water Park Place 20 Water 1500 Gems
Herring Catcher Catch 5 Herring 50 Byte Coins
Kingfish Catcher Catch 5 Kingfish 50 Byte Coins
Goldfish Catcher Catch 3 Goldfish 250 Gems
Butterflyfish Catcher Catch 3 Butterflyfish 150 Gems
Sea Angler Catcher Catch a Sea Angler 150 Byte Coins
Carp Catcher Catch 2 Carp 500 XP
Ridding Darkness Recycle a Dark World Lock 15000 Gems
Apprentice Recycler Recycle 100 items 50 Byte Coins
Clothing Recycler Recycle 20 wearables 50 Byte Coins
Paranoid Droid Break a Flat Screen TV 50 Blue Particle
CosplayBot Bring a Raincoat Random Wearables
Ace Trapper Place a Fireball Shooter Trap 5 Blood Scrolls, 5000 XP

Clan Quests

The Clan Quests can only be used by members in a clan with a Clan Quest Bot in their clan world:
(Note: This section is not complete. Please add more clan quests)


Quest Description Reward
All About Luck Win 100 Byte Coins from a Wishing Well 1000 Gems
Running Deep Complete Deep Nether 10 times 10 Blood Scrolls
Tackle Tentacles Kill 15 Tentacle Shooters 100 Nether Crystals, 10,000 XP
Ground the Flyers Kill 30 Flame Flyers 100 Nether Crystals, 10,000 XP
Kill the Flames Kill 30 Flame Jumpers 100 Nether Crystals, 10,000 XP
For the Darkness! Kill 50 Light faction members on PvP 1,000 Gems, 2,500 XP
Fishe Fishie Fish! Catch 10 Goldfish 500 Gems, 2,500 XP
Diamonds are forever Collect 5000Gems 1,500Gems, 5,000 XP
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