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May 18, 2020: Pets Update

- V1.5.6

The long awaited Pets Update is finally here! 3 different types of animal species would be available, Cat, Dog and Blob. Place it in a world, change its appearance, feed, take care, and wash it and also send it onto an adventure and it might bring back special bubblegum tokens and other treasures! Head down to Pixel Station with the bubblegum tokens collected and visit Christina and Nelly at the Pet Shop to exchange the tokens for rare items!

Other than pets, there are a few new items as well! Oilfall and Clear Waterfall is now added into the Old Altar and an Epic Gold PWR Suit is coming as well on the 1st of June!

2 new languages have been added into the game as well! Players can now translate the game from English to either Finnish or Polish.

From the recent Community Design Content, Mythical Blue Tentacle is now available in the Community Items Pack located in the shop for 180 days!

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