Daily Bonus


Normal DailyBonus Reward as of August 2017.

The daily bonus is one of the functions provided to every player other than those banned from Pixel Worlds. You are eligible to receive a free prize every day in the dynamic world of PIXELSTATION. In the world, go to the "Daily Bonus" and spin the wheel to get different prizes. For mobile users you can watch an ad to try your luck once again. The daily bonus refreshes every 24 hours. The prizes change every month
All Daily Bonus Grand Prizes:

VIP Daily Bonus


Pink Umbrella VIP Dailybonus Grand Prize as of Feburary 7th, 2018.

''VIP Daily Bonus is an area in the world PIXELSTATION that is only accessible by players with an active VIP subscription.

Once in there, VIP players are able to spin the wheel once and potentially win exclusive prizes as well as the limited VIP Grand Prize. The VIP Daily Bonus refreshes every 24 hours just like its counterpart, the standard Daily Bonus. In every major month, the VIP Grand Prize item is replaced and the past grand prizes will be unobtainable unless you trade with other players who have them.

All VIP Daily Bonus Grand Prizes:


The PWExchange. This little fellow on your left can exchange your World Locks into Byte Coins. These Coins are used to buy stuff in the PWE Terminal, which are located around the world PIXELSTATION, or can be bought from the shop for 49,000 Gems. Byte Coins can also be bought for gems in the "Gems & Coins" section of the shop.

PWE Exchange exchange prices

1 World Lock = 219 Byte Coins

10 World Locks = 2 190 Byte Coins

1 Platinum Lock = 21 900 Byte Coins

800 Gems = 50 Byte Coins

4 000 Gems = 250 Byte Coins

24 000 Gems = 1500 Byte Coins

96 000 Gems = 6000 Byte Coins

Butterfly Hunt


Butterflies have started to wander in Pixel Worlds. There's a really small chance that a butterfly will spawn in your world, but if you're lucky enough to catch one, be sure to keep as it may be needed in the butterfly questline. There are diurnal and nocturnal butterflies/moths, which spawn in the day & night. Anyway, here's a list of the current know parts of the questline:

Part Description Reward
1 Bring an Empress Butterfly. 150 Gems
2 Bring a Green Nurse Butterfly. 150 Gems
3 Bring an Orange Tipper Butterfly. 150 Gems
4 Bring a Black Lightning Butterfly. 150 Gems
5 Bring a Diaper Moth. 150 Gems
6 Bring a Garden Maid Butterfly. 150 Gems
7 Bring a Pearl Heath Butterfly. 150 Gems
8 Bring a Siren Hawk Moth. 150 Gems
9 Bring a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. 150 Gems
10 Bring a Small Brimstone Butterfly. 150 Gems
11 Bring a White Nun Moth. 150 Gems
12 Bring a Birch Glider Butterfly. 150 Gems
13 Bring a Pale Legate Butterfly. 150 Gems
14 Bring a Stud Moth. 150 Gems
15 Bring a Bittywee Hawk Moth. 150 Gems
16 Bring a Crush Pearl Butterfly. 150 Gems
17 Bring a Dirty Lemon Butterfly. 150 Gems
18 Bring a Lemon Moth. 150 Gems
19 Bring a Willowherb Hawk Moth. 150 Gems
20 Bring a Green Dwarf Butterfly. 150 Gems
21 Bring a Red Dot Moth. 150 Gems
22 Bring a Blue Dwarf Butterfly. 150 Gems
23 Bring a Paper Kite Butterfly. Butterfly Scarf
24 Bring a Tiger Longtail Butterfly. 400 Gems
25 Bring a Rose Moth. 400 Gems
26 Bring a Blue Emperor Butterfly. 400 Gems
27 Bring a Blue-eyed Empress Butterfly. 400 Gems
28 Bring a Camouflage Moth. 400 Gems
29 Bring an Admiral Butterfly. 400 Gems
30 Bring a Blue Bottom Butterfly. 400 Gems
31 Bring a Bedstraw Hawk Moth. 400 Gems
32 Bring a Shadow Longtail Butterfly. 400 Gems
33 Bring a Burp Moth. 400 Gems
34 Bring a Pink Delight Butterfly. Butterfly Glasses
35 Bring a Zebra Longtail Butterfly. 800 Gems
36 Bring a Green Nun Butterfly. 800 Gems
37 Bring a Monkey Bum Butterfly. 800 Gems
38 Bring a Red Orchae Butterfly. 800 Gems
39 Bring a Peacock Moth. 800 Gems
40 Bring a Rainbow Chitoria Butterfly. 800 Gems
41 Bring a Neon Striper Butterfly. 800 Gems
42 Bring a Lilium Haste Butterfly. 800 Gems
43 Bring a Peacock Behemoth. 800 Gems
44 Bring a Blue Knight Butterfly. 800 Gems
45 Bring a Blood Moth. 800 Gems
46 Bring a Yellow Dwarf Butterfly. Rainbow Lenses
47 Bring a Gray Glass Wing Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
48 Bring a Poison Wing Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
49 Bring a Pink Cheeks Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
50 Bring a Blue Night Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
51 Bring an Apollon Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
52 Bring a Lava Moth. 1, 250 Gems
53 Bring a Blue Ivory Butterfly. 1, 250 Gems
54 Bring an Skull Hawk Moth. 1, 250 Gems
55 Bring an Purple Haze Butterfly. Butterfly Wings
56 Bring a Pink Heart Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
57 Bring a Salamander Moth. 4, 000 Gems
58 Bring a Night Sky Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
59 Bring a Polilla Gigante. 4, 000 Gems
60 Bring a Lava Aglais Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
61 Bring an Orange Tiger Tip Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
62 Bring an Azure Flapper Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
63 Bring a Violet Colossus Butterfly. 4, 000 Gems
64 Bring an Emerald Hawk Moth. Butterfly

Pet Shop

Pet Shop
As the owner of the Pet Shop, Christina, together with her sister, Nelly, lets you exchange either Bronze Bubblegum Token, Silver Bubblegum Token or Golden Bubblegum Token for rare items such as Spectrum Gun and Spectrum Jetpack. Both Christina and Nelly are obsessed about bubblegum!
Item Cost
Spectrum Hair 50 Bronze Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Visor 40 Silver Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Necklace 10 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Lenses 20 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Sword 30 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Gun 75 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Halo 50 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Wings 80 Golden Bubblegum Token
Spectrum Jetpack 150 Golden Bubblegum Token

World of the Week

WotW Trophy
The World of the Week is a world that Jake and his viewers choose during his streams every Thursday, the world that is chosen gets featured on the World Of The Week section in the Top Rated Worlds. As of the 1.1.30 Update, winners will get a Wotw Trophy and 10 Days of V.I.P. as a reward for their hard work. Click here for the list of World of the Weeks.


There is a Nether Vendor located in the world PIXELSTATION that sells Red Scrolls and Red Portal to players for Gems. These items can also be found into the shop.

"Hello there! Want to enter the Netherworld to fight monsters and loot gems? These scrolls will grant you access."

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are quests that you get on a Daily Basis. You get 3 every 4 hours (the player can't have more than 3 quests at a time), and if you complete them you'll get some sort of reward like Experience Points, Gems & Items. You can cancel a quest if you can't do it or if it is too hard for you. When you complete a quest you'll have to go back to PIXELSTATION so you can retrieve your reward from the Quest Robot. You can find all the Daily Quests among other quests in Quests



The Fishmonger buys all types of fishes for a certain ammount of Gems which depends on three factors, the size, the specie and the ammount. You can find The Fishmonger on the Pixel Station or you can directly sell your fish through a Fish Barrel, the prices for all the species and their respective sizes are listed below:

Fish Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Herring 10 Gems Gems 40 Gems Gems 70 Gems Gems 100 Gems Gems 300 Gems Gems
Kingfish 10 Gems Gems 40 Gems Gems 70 Gems Gems 100 Gems Gems 300 Gems Gems
Goldfish 15 Gems Gems 60 Gems Gems 105 Gems Gems 150 Gems Gems 600 Gems Gems
Butterflyfish 15 Gems Gems 60 Gems Gems 105 Gems Gems 150 Gems Gems 600 Gems Gems
Carp 20 Gems Gems 80 Gems Gems 140 Gems Gems 200 Gems Gems 600 Gems Gems
Halibut 20 Gems Gems 80 Gems Gems 140 Gems Gems 200 Gems Gems 600 Gems Gems
Sea Angler 30 Gems Gems 120 Gems Gems 210 Gems Gems 300 Gems Gems 900 Gems Gems
Tuna 40 Gems Gems 160 Gems Gems 280 Gems Gems 400 Gems Gems 1200 Gems Gems
Acid Puffer 80 Gems Gems 320 Gems Gems 560 Gems Gems 800 Gems Gems 2400 Gems Gems
Dumb Fish 5 Gems Gems 10 Gems Gems 30 Gems Gems 50 Gems Gems 100 Gems Gems
Piranha 30 Gems Gems 120 Gems Gems 210 Gems Gems 300 Gems Gems 900 Gems Gems

Fisherman's Fashion

Fisherman's Fashion

Fisherman's Fashion can be found in the Pixel Station, here you can buy items that can improve various fishing skills, to acquire those you must have certain Ingredients and amounts of Gems that differ from item to item, you can find all of them below with all the necessary info:

Fisherman's Fashion Items

Tournaments and World Records

Tournaments & World Records

In this section you can find information about the Fishing Tournaments and the current world records related to the Fish weights of each specie. Fishing tournaments are a weekly event in which you can take part by buying a Cup Ticket, although when you buy a ticket for a certain Cup you can't enter in other ones. Once you buy it, you will have a limited amount of time to score points for the tournament, if you're not happy with your score you can try to improve it by buying new Cup Ticket's. Each Cup has different aims and prizes.

Important Note: Once a ticket is active the fishes you catch which are admitted in the tournament wont be kept in your inventory!

Baby Cup

Baby Cup

The price of each Cup Ticket for this tournament is 10 Byte Coins, more information below:

Baby Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Tiny, Small, Medium
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Baby Cup Prizes:

Fisherman's Cup

Fisherman's Cup

The price of each ticket for this tournament is 20 Byte Coins, more information below:

Fisherman's Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Small, Medium, Large
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Fisherman's Cup Prizes:

Pro Cup

Pro Cup

The price of each ticket for this tournament is 40 Byte Coins, more information below:

Pro Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Medium, Large, Huge
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Pro Cup Prizes:

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