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Daily Bonus

Normal Daily Bonus Reward as of August 2017.

The daily bonus is one of the functions provided to every player other than those banned from Pixel Worlds. You are eligible to receive a free prize every day in the dynamic world of PIXELSTATION. In the world, go to the "Daily Bonus" and spin the wheel to get different prizes. For mobile users you can watch an ad to try your luck once again. The daily bonus refreshes every 24 hours. The prizes change every month.

2016 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Pixie Wings 32 Wolf Hat 32 Krampus Horns
2017 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Short Sword 32 Top Hat 32 Heart Glasses
32 Golden Toilet 32 Life Vest 32 Devil Tail
32 Spiky Punk Red 32 Navy Hat 32 Curved Viking Axe
32 Pumpkin Head 32 Police Hat 32 Spartan Sword
32 Xmas Sweater 17 32 Black Cap
2018 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Furry Winter Hat 32 Pink Afro Hair 32 St. Patrick's Hoodie
32 Blue Cat Ears 32 Red Letter Jacket 32 Crab Claws
32 Fish Fin Hat 32 Green Stereos 32 Black Handlebar Moustache
32 Straitjacket 32 Lucky Hat 32 Xmas Top Hat
2019 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Seal Hat 32 Sunday Hair 32 Green Kilt
32 Santa Hair 32 Iron Reinforced Shield 32 Bunny Pants
32 Decorative Backpack 32 Frog Hat 32 Straw Hat
32 Tiger Ears 32 Cleaver through Head 32 Silly Tophat
32 Red Baseball Cap
2020 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Red Silk Cap 32 Heart Antennas 32 Green Headband
32 White Face Mask 32 Tinfoil Hat 32 Strawberry Hat
32 Pot Hat 32 Traffic Cone Hat 32 Watermelon Helmet
32 Skull Facemask 32 Red Raincoat 32 Pink puffy Earmuffs
2021 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Blue Necktie 32 Red Oriental Hat 32 Green Hood
32 Golden Eggshell Hat 32 Albino Cat Ears 32 Pride Hat
32 Pasta Hat 32 Blue Headcloth 32 Red Tinted Glasses
32 Tentacle Facemask 32 Black Wool Cap 32 Festive Cone Hat
2022 Daily Bonus Grand Prize
32 Purple College Jacket 32 Plunger 32 Golf Beret
32 Black Bowing Shirt 32 Ripped Blue Jeans 32 Vested Red Shirt

VIP Daily Bonus

32 Eternal Tears of Sorrow VIP Daily Bonus Grand Prize as of February 1st, 2022.

VIP Daily Bonus is an area in the world PIXELSTATION that is only accessible by players with an active VIP subscription.

Once in there, VIP players are able to spin the wheel once and potentially win exclusive prizes as well as the limited VIP Grand Prize. The VIP Daily Bonus refreshes every 24 hours just like its counterpart, the standard Daily Bonus.

In every major month, the VIP Grand Prize item is replaced and the past grand prizes will be unobtainable unless you trade with other players who have them.

2016 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Dark Pixie Wings 32 Frost Cape
2017 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Green Visor 32 Golden Short Sword 32 Cherub Wings
32 Plague Doc Mask 32 Leprechaun's Cape 32 Easter Axe
32 Lion Helmet 32 Small Water Gun 32 Katana Scabbard
32 Horse Head Mask 32 Ninja Pickle 32 Cleaver Sword
32 Head Sword 32 Dark Cherub Wings 32 Nether Ball
32 Frost Spear
2018 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Hat Royale 32 Pink Umbrella 32 Gas Mask
32 Yellow Jumpsuit 32 Box Head 32 Storm Mask
32 Black Roller Blades 32 Halo 32 Unicorn Head Mask
32 Scarecrow Mask 32 Deep Sea Hat 32 Snowperson
2019 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Axes of Winter 32 Heart Wings 32 Goldie Pot
32 Space Feline Headphones 32 Easter Faerie Wings 32 Poseidon's Cape
32 Mermaid Tail 32 Pixelbot Mask 32 Kitsune Mask
32 Mannequin Mask 32 Snow Owl
2020 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Crown of the Rat 32 Pegasus Wings 32 Old TV Mask
32 Liar's Nose 32 Hotdog Suit 32 Popsicle Sword
32 Crab Hat 32 Boomer-a-Rang 32 Banana Overalls
32 Necromancer's Cape 32 Big Burgah 32 Bytie
2021 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Thick Glasses 32 Mask of the Ox 32 Pickles Overalls
32 Bee-Bee 32 Crimson Sword 32 Clan Bot Mask
32 Blue Drake Wings 32 Carnivorous Plant Mask 32 Wee Gully
32 Shadowsuit 32 Soil Camouflage Suit 32 Hat of the Shark
2022 VIP Grand Prizes
32 Shuriken 32 Eternal Tears of Sorrow 32 Kitey
32 Nether Crustal Blade 32 Lil Swallow 32 Light Suit



The PWExchange. This little fellow on your left can exchange your World Locks into Byte Coins. These Coins are used to buy stuff in the 32 PWE Terminal, which are located around the world PIXELSTATION, or can be bought from the shop for 49,000 32 Gems. Byte Coins can also be bought for 32 Gems in the "Gems & Coins" section of the shop.

PWE Exchange exchange prices
World Locks/Gems Byte Coins
1x 32 World Lock 250 Byte Coins
10x 32 World Locks 2,500 Byte Coins
1x 32 Platinum Lock 25,000 Byte Coins
800 32 Gems 50 Byte Coins
4,000 32 Gems 250 Byte Coins
24,000 32 Gems 1,500 Byte Coins
96,000 32 Gems 6,000 Byte Coins

Butterfly Hunt

Main article: Butterfly Hunt

Item Bank

Bank Bot1.png

The Item Bank is located right between the Clans and Pet Shop section. The interior can be described like this: large vault door with a Bank Bot beside it. In here, players will most likely encounter the Bank system of Pixel Worlds for the first time. The bot can also be purchased in the Shop for 17,500 32 Gems. The 32 Bank Bot allow players to store any items, including untradeable ones. However, they would have to purchase slots in the Bank using 32 Gems to store more items. Here is the list of how much it costs to purchase more slots in the Bank:

Slots Cost
5 8,250 32 Gems
10 18,000 32 Gems
15 45,000 32 Gems

Pet Shop

Pet Shop.png
Main article: Pet Guide

The owner of the Pet Shop, Christina, together with her sister, Nelly, lets you exchange either 32 Bronze Bubblegum Token, 32 Silver Bubblegum Token or 32 Golden Bubblegum Token for rare items such as 32 Spectrum Gun and 32 Spectrum Jetpack. Both Christina and Nelly are obsessed about bubblegum! They love to blow big bubbles!

Item Cost
32 Spectrum Hair 50x 32 Bronze Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Visor 40x 32 Silver Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Necklace 10x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Lenses 20x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Sword 30x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Gun 75x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Halo 50x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Wings 80x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens
32 Spectrum Jetpack 150x 32 Golden Bubblegum Tokens

World of the Week

WotW Trophy.png

The World of the Week is a world that Jake and his viewers choose during his streams every Thursday, the world that is chosen gets featured on the World Of The Week section in the Top Rated Worlds. As of the 1.1.30 Update, winners will get a 32 WotW Trophy and 10 Days of VIP as a reward for their hard work. Click here for the list of World of the Weeks.



The Nether Vendor is located on the bottom-left side corner of PIXELSTATION that sells 32 Red Scrolls and 32 Red Portal to players for 32 Gems. These items can also be found in the shop.

"Hello there! Want to enter the Netherworld to fight monsters and loot gems? These scrolls will grant you access."

If you see him in the Netherworld, be careful about what he says, he might carrying some...secrets...

Daily Quests

Main article: Daily Quests

Daily Quests are quests that players get on a Daily Basis. Players get 3 quests every 4 hours (they can't have more than 3 quests at a time and the timing is reduced to 2 hours if the Quest Hoarder perk is equipped), completing them will yield some rewards such as 32 XP, 32 Gems or Items. Players can cancel a quest at any time and a new quest will appear after 4 hours(2 hours with perk equipped).

Old Fisherman

Old Fisherman NPC.png

Old Fisherman provides basic information about fishing, and is located in the "Fishing" section in Pixel Station. He has a portal leading to FISHING-101 to his right.



The Fishmonger buys all types of fishes for a certain ammount of 32 Gems which depends on three factors, the size, the specie and the ammount. You can find The Fishmonger on the Pixel Station or you can directly sell your fish through a 32 Fish Barrel, the prices for all the species and their respective sizes are listed below:

Note: The Fishes' images are the Huge versions of the fish.

Fish Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
32 Herring 10 32 Gems 40 32 Gems 70 32 Gems 100 32 Gems 300 32 Gems
32 Kingfish 10 32 Gems 40 32 Gems 70 32 Gems 100 32 Gems 300 32 Gems
32 Goldfish 15 32 Gems 60 32 Gems 105 32 Gems 150 32 Gems 600 32 Gems
32 Butterflyfish 15 32 Gems 60 32 Gems 105 32 Gems 150 32 Gems 600 32 Gems
32 Carp 20 32 Gems 80 32 Gems 140 32 Gems 200 32 Gems 600 32 Gems
32 Halibut 20 32 Gems 80 32 Gems 140 32 Gems 200 32 Gems 600 32 Gems
32 Sea Angler 30 32 Gems 120 32 Gems 210 32 Gems 300 32 Gems 900 32 Gems
32 Tuna 40 32 Gems 160 32 Gems 280 32 Gems 400 32 Gems 1,200 32 Gems
32 Acid Puffer 80 32 Gems 320 32 Gems 560 32 Gems 800 32 Gems 2,400 32 Gems
32 Dumb Fish 5 32 Gems 10 32 Gems 30 32 Gems 50 32 Gems 100 32 Gems
32 Piranha 30 32 Gems 120 32 Gems 210 32 Gems 300 32 Gems 900 32 Gems
32 Crab 320 32 Gems 1280 32 Gems 2240 32 Gems 3200 32 Gems 9600 32 Gems

Fisherman's Fashion

Fisherman's Fashion.png
Main article: Fishing Gear

Fisherman's Fashion can be found in the Pixel Station. You can buy items from the vendor that can improve various fishing skills and you must have certain Fishing Ingredients and amount of 32 Gems to buy the items. The items available can be found below with all the necessary information:

Tournaments and World Records

Tournaments & World Records.png
Main article: Fishing

In this section you can find information about the Fishing Tournaments and the current world records related to the Fish weights of each type.

Fishing tournaments are a weekly event in which you can take part by buying a Cup Ticket, although when you buy a ticket for a certain Cup you can't enter in other ones. Once you buy it, you will have a limited amount of time to score points for the tournament, if you're not happy with your score you can try to improve it by buying new Cup Ticket's. Each Cup has different aims and prizes.

Important Note: Once a ticket is active, the fishes you catch which are admitted in the tournament will not be kept in your inventory!

Baby Cup

Baby Cup.png

The price of each Cup Ticket for this tournament is 10 32 Byte Coins, more information below:

Baby Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Tiny, Small, Medium
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Baby Cup Prizes:

Fisherman's Cup

Fisherman's Cup.png

The price of each ticket for this tournament is 20 32 Byte Coins, more information below:

Fisherman's Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Small, Medium and Large
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Fisherman's Cup Prizes:

Pro Cup

Pro Cup.png

The price of each ticket for this tournament is 40 32 Byte Coins, more information below:

Pro Cup Weight Competition Rules:

  • Species Allowed: All or just a specific specie
  • Sizes Allowed: Medium, Large, Huge
  • Rod Types Allowed: All
  • Gear: Allowed

Pro Cup Prizes:


Main article: Clans

Clans section is located above the butterfly Section of the Pixel Station. There is a Clan NPC located in the section that provides brief description about clans. The NPC is useful for new players.


Mining Gear NPC.png
Main articles: Mining, Pixel Mines

You can find this NPC at the top center of the Pixel Station. He provides some basic information about Mining, and will then tell you to visit PIXELMINES.

Jet Race

Main articles: Hangar, Jet Race

Jet Race section is located above the PWExchange section and to the left of the Mining Section. In the section, players can find a Jet Race NPC that provides basic information about the Jet Race, as well as providing the player with it's first plane which doesn't appear in the inventory but can be used in the world JETRACE. Upon finishing the dialog, the player can warp to the world HANGAR to try out JETRACE.

The Best Set


The Best Set section is located to the left of the PWExchange section and above Nether World and World Of The Week section. In this section players can find The Best Set NPC that provides information about The Best Set competition, how to participate and how to vote. Additionally, there is a public Photo Booth where players can take photos of the set they want to submit for the contest and The Best Set contest winner which is displayed at a special pedestal. More information about this event can be found in Mini Events. |}