Pixel Mines is one of the few Dynamic Worlds currently in the game and was added in patch 1.5.80 along with the Mining update. There are multiple NPCs in Pixel Mines, similar to Pixel Station.

For more information about Mining and the World Structure, you can visit Mining & Mine World

Gemstone Buyer

Players can exchange Gemstones they have obtained from mining for Gems. The exchange rate differs from different types of Gemstones as well as the size of it.

Note: The Gemstones' images are the Huge versions of the Gemstone.

Gemstone Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Topaz 3 Gems 6 Gems 12 Gems 30 Gems 90 Gems
Emerald 5 Gems 10 Gems 20 Gems 50 Gems 150 Gems
Sapphire 10 Gems 20 Gems 40 Gems 100 Gems 300 Gems
Ruby 20 Gems 40 Gems 80 Gems 200 Gems 600 Gems
Diamond 30 Gems 60 Gems 120 Gems 300 Gems 900 Gems

Mining Gear

Mining Gear NPC

To further improve mining experience, players can craft wearables from here using different types and amount of Mining Ingredients, Gemstones, and Gems. These wearables gives different bonuses such as Adding enemy indicator and Increasing huge Gemstones drop rate.

Crappy Pickaxe can be purchased here to start the mining adventure and a Pickaxe Repair Kit can be purchased to repair pickaxes.

Item Description Ingredients needed
Crappy Pickaxe The most basic pickaxe 2,000 Gems
Pickaxe Repair Kit Repairs a pickaxe 5x Rusty Nails
5x Old Miners Shoes
1,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Shoes Adds enemy indicator 75x Old Miners Shoes
2x Matchboxes
20x Topazes (Large)
10,000 Gems
Excavator Boots Adds enemy indicator 125x Old Miners Shoes
2x Miner's Buckets
40x Topazes (Large)
10,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Pants Light crystal efficiency 50x Piece of Ropes
10x Matchboxes
5x Topazes (Huge)
50,000 Gems
Excavator Gloves More huge gemstones 75x Rusty Nails
4x Gold Teeth
10x Topazes (Huge)
10,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Shirt More mining ingredients 60x Piece of Ropes
40x Tin Cans
30x Emeralds (Large)
25,000 Gems
Excavator Shirt More mining ingredients 30x Matchboxes
1x Pocket Watch
60x Emeralds (Large)
30,000 Gems
Mouse Tail Adds enemy indicator 40x Miner's Buckets
5x Silver Coins
10x Emeralds (Huge)
40,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Beard Bonus gemstones 150x Rusty Nails
7x Silver Coins
10x Emeralds (Huge)
50,000 Gems
Excavator Moustache Bonus gemstones 20x Matchboxes
10x Gold Teeth
40x Sapphires (Large)
40,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Glasses More huge gemstones 150x Rusty Nails
4x Pocket Watches
200x Sapphires (Large)
20,000 Gems
Excavator Glasses More huge gemstones 75x Piece of Ropes
4x Pocket Watches
20x Sapphires (Huge)
30,000 Gems
Monocle of Seeing See further when dark 20x Miner's Buckets
20x Silver Coins
15x Sapphires (Huge)
50,000 Gems
Miner Backpack More mining ingredients 200x Old Miners Shoes
40x Miner's Buckets
100x Rubies (Large)
25,000 Gems
Miner Gasmask More huge gemstones 50x Piece of Ropes
5x Pocket Watches
200x Rubies (Large)
50,000 Gems
Pendant of Brightness More ambient light 30x Gold Teeth
20x Silver Coins
10x Rubies (Huge)
20,000 Gems
Pendant of the Moment More ambient light 300x Tin Cans
15x Silver Coins
15x Rubies (Huge)
10,000 Gems
Mouse Ears Light crystal efficiency 10x Gold Teeth
7x Pocket Watches
150x Diamonds (Large)
10,000 Gems
Headband Lamp Bonus gemstones 50x Matchboxes
7x Pocket Watches
200x Diamonds (Large)
5,000 Gems
Sturdy Mining Helmet Bonus gemstones 175x Piece of Ropes
30x Gold Teeth
10x Diamonds (Huge)
50,000 Gems
Deep Dweller Hat Increased light radius 60x Miner's Buckets
8x Pocket Watches
40x Diamonds (Huge)
40,000 Gems
Excavator Helmet Increase light radius 20x Silver Coins
10x Pocket Watches
60x Diamonds (Huge)
10,000 Gems

Pickaxe Upgrade Station

Pickaxe Upgrade Station NPC

The Pickaxe Upgrade Station is the place for players to upgrade their pickaxe using Mining Ingredients and Gemstones they have gathered from Mining.

Pickaxe Ingredients needed to upgrade Upgrades to
Crappy Pickaxe 25x Old Miners Shoes
10x Piece of Ropes
3x Topazes (Huge)
5,000 Gems
Flimsy Pickaxe
Flimsy Pickaxe 25x Tin Cans
5x Silver Coins
5x Emeralds (Huge)
7,500 Gems
Basic Pickaxe
Basic Pickaxe 50x Rusty Nails
25x Miner's Buckets
5x Sapphires (Huge)
12,000 Gems
Sturdy Pickaxe
Sturdy Pickaxe 30x Matchboxes
10x Silver Coins
5x Rubies (Huge)
20,000 Gems
Heavy Pickaxe
Heavy Pickaxe 35x Miner's Buckets
2x Pocket Watches
10x Diamonds (Huge)
30,000 Gems
Master Pickaxe
Master Pickaxe 20x Gold Teeth
5x Pocket Watches
20x Diamonds (Huge)
45,000 Gems
Epic Pickaxe

Dark Stone Vendor

The Dark Stone Vendor allow players to exchange Dark Stones, made from Dark Nuggets, for rare items such as the Swift Slicer and the first-ever triple jump wings, Wings of the Deep.

Item Cost
Golden Mining Helmet 20x Dark Stones
Mechanical Crossbow 35x Dark Stones
Dark Carbon Fiber Rod 100x Dark Stones
Swift Slicer 175x Dark Stones
Dark Pickaxe 250x Dark Stones
Wings of the Deep 750x Dark Stones

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune in Pixel Mines

Mining Coins obtained from Mining can be used here to win attractive prizes. Each spin consumes 1 Mining Coin. In total, there are 5 tiers of prizes, 1★, 2★, 3★, 4★, and 5★. The 5★ prize refreshes every 100 days.

1★ - 4★ Prize

Tier Possible Prize
1★ 1x Purple Twirltail Jig 1x Green Twirltail Jig 1x Yellow Fly 1x Red Fly 1x Green Jerk
1x Red Jerk 5x Fertilizer 1x Red Scroll 1x Rusty Nail 1x Old Miners Shoe
1x Piece of Rope 1x Tin Can 25x Bronze Nugget 10x Silver Nugget 1x Bronze Mine Key (LVL 2)
2★ 1,000 Gems 2,000 Gems 50 Byte Coins 100 Byte Coins 1x Golden Spinner
1x Green Spinner 1x Silver Long Minnow 1x Blue Long Minnow 1x Green Glowing Lure 1x Red Glowing Lure
10X Large Fertilizer 10X Red Scroll 1X Piece of Rope 1X Tin Can 1X Miner's Bucket
1X Matchbox 25X Silver Nugget 10X Gold Nugget 1X Silver Mine Key (LVL 3) 1X Healing Potion
3★ 5,000 Gems 10,000 Gems 400 Byte Coins 800 Byte Coins 1 Day VIP
1X Radioactive Worm Bait 1X Miner's Bucket 1X Matchbox 1X Gold Tooth 1X Silver Coin
1X Pickaxe Repair Kit 25X Gold Nugget 10X Platinum Nugget 1X Dark Stone 1X Golden Mine Key (LVL 4)
4★ 25,000 Gems 50,000 Gems 2,000 Byte Coins 4,000 Byte Coins 10 Days VIP
1X Pocket Watch 25X Platinum Nugget 10X Dark Nugget 1X Dark Stone 1X Platinum Mine Key (LVL 5)

5★ Grand Prizes

Prize Date
Baby Fire Wyvern September 23, 2020 - January 1, 2021

Levels of Mines

Main article: Levels of Mines


  • The items that provide "More Ambient Light" perk do not stack.
  • It takes 1,330 Dark Stones or 133,000 Dark Nuggets to get all of the items from the Dark Stone Vendor, thus requiring 1,900 successful Level 5 Mines runs to get that much.
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