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The Netherworld is a dynamic world where players are able to fight monsters, collect 32 Gems and 32 Nether Crystals, and earn 32 XP.

There is a small chance that players will encounter the Nether Vendor, a salesman that sells Nether related items for 32 Gems or 32 Nether Stones.

Whenever players kill a monster (1-12 32 Gems) or collect treasure chests (25 32 Gems), they will get a certain amount of 32 Gems for when they exit the Netherworld via the exit gate. To exit the Netherworld, players will either have to die, resulting in losing all collected 32 Gems, unless the perk Gem Rescue is equipped which keeps 50% of the collected 32 Gems, or find the 4 keys and exit the world via the exit gate which will allow players to keep all the 32 Gems collected and any additional bonuses from Clan Perks. 32 Nether Crystals can also be found in 32 Prize Boxes scattered around the world (10), and 4 32 Nether Crystals can be found in each box, resulting in 40 32 Nether Crystals per world.


There are two ways to access the world. Players can either purchase a 32 Red Scroll from the Shop and consume it or by entering a 32 Red Portal which consumes a 32 Red Scroll as well. Up to 3 players can be in the same world at one time.

By accessing the world via consuming a 32 Red Scroll, the other 2 players are randomly chosen. However, when accessing the world via the 32 Red Portal, the other 2 players have to enter the same portal within the time frame to join the same world.


To exit the world, players will have to collect all 4 NetherworldKey.png Netherworld Keys scattered around the world to unlock the Exit Gate and exit while still alive, keeping all the 32 Gems collected. However, if players were to run out of lives before exiting, they will lose all the 32 Gems collected (keeps 50% if Gem Rescue Perk is registered) and will only keep the collected 32 Nether Crystal and 32 XP.


There are 8 types of monsters in the Netherworld, each one of them has different attacks, health, designs, movement & gem drops.

Mini-Event Boss Monsters
Wraith Bane.png Wraith Bane FlameJumper.png Flame Jumper
FlameFlyer.png Flame Flyer
FlameCharger.png Flame Charger
AbyssWalker.png Abyss Walker
RobeCaster.png Robe Caster
Tentacle Shooter.png Tentacle Shooter
StaffCaster.png Staff Caster
NetherWraith.png Nether Wraith

Nether Armor Set

Nether Armor Set pieces can be obtained by completing the "Nether Hunter #I to XVI" Daily Quests.

Set Pieces
32 Nether Hood
32 Nether Armor
32 Nether Pants
32 Nether Shoes
32 Nether Tail
32 Nether Blade


  • A solid weapon, such as the 32 Steel Mace, can significantly speed up your nether time, as well as high armor stats, and any type of Wings, jump packs, or Jetpacks.
  • Always wait for traps to shoot, or activate, before healing in the danger zone using 32 Healing Potion. This especially applies to instant-kill traps, such as 32 Fire Trap.
  • Knowing the enemy AI is extremely helpful, as knowing some of the procedural generated "grids" as only the location of these grids changes, and not what the terrain is inside one. Potions can help, although they usually cost too much as to profit from using them.
  • Umbrellas and Capes don't usually benefit, due to them taking a vital slot of clothing that can be used for more important things, and the nether has small amounts of gliding space available. However, the 32 Bird Tribe Shirt may be useful, as it provides the glide ability with only taking armor stats as it's drawback.
  • x3 zoom, if on mobile, and x4 on PC, will help you navigate around the Netherworld much more easily.