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worth around 400-600/wl.[[Category:Items]]

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Magic Stuff
Complexity: - Tier: 2 Rarity: Common Common
Item Type: N/A ItemInfo Farmable icon Farmable Growth Time: N/A
ItemInfo Crossbreeding icon Marble + Obsidian

Item Description

Weird material with no particular properties. However, its seeds are used for crossbreeding many different items, making it very valuable.

Crossbreedable With:
Parents Product
Magic Stuff + Soil Block Camo Pants
Magic Stuff + Black Brick Black Block
Magic Stuff + Lava Door
Magic Stuff + Grass Mushroom
Magic Stuff + Red Brick Red Block
Magic Stuff + Cave Wall Sweat Pants
Magic Stuff + White Brick White Block
Magic Stuff + Wood Block Wooden Platform
Magic Stuff + Yellow Brick Yellow Block
Magic Stuff + Wooden Fence Leaning Planks
Magic Stuff + White Block Iron Block
Magic Stuff + Blue Jelly Blue Beanie
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