Halloween Event 2017

October 25th, 2017, the Halloween Event has finally come to Pixel Worlds! New halloween themed prizes were added to the free (Pumpkin Head) and VIP (Dark Cherub Wings) Daily Bonus.

Lost Souls are starting to wander in pixelworlds. You can go and capture these Lost Souls from different worlds and when you have collected 10 of them, take them to the new NPC (Jacko) at the world HALLOWEENCASTLE and he will let you enter The Black Tower during the Halloween Event (500 Gems can also be used to enter).

There's also new limited time items available at the shop such as the Cemetery Orb, 4 NEW Familiars , the Snake Contact Lenses , the Nightmare Shard and the Midnight Cape Blueprint.

Halloween Event 2018

New halloween themed prizes were added to the free (Straitjacket) and VIP (Scarecrow Mask) Daily Bonus.

There are new items such as the untradeable Halloween Candy that you can get from the top of the black tower. Theres a NEW familiar in the shop called the Bat Familiar! In this event they added a new altar called the Old Altar that you can obtain from the Elven Booster and made changes to the Demon Altar so you can sacrifice some items for some new items, there's a new rarity called Legendary+.