Gems can be obtained from Blocks, Backgrounds, Props and Daily Bonus. Different Blocks, Backgrounds and Props drop different amounts of Gems. You can also get 75 gems by watching an advertisement every 4 hours. Gems can be used to buy Shop Packs, do Global Messages, etc...

There are 5 types of Gems.

  • Blue Gems are worth 1 each.
  • Cyan Gems are worth 5 each.
  • Purple Gems are worth 20 each.
  • Green Gems are worth 50 each.
  • Red Gems are worth 100 each.

You can also purchase Gems from the Shop

There are 3 packs of Gems. The price of each pack depends on your regions currency. During Black Friday, there might be a spacial offer for these packs, so watch out!


  • Red Gems can be obtained by breaking Legendary Soil Block, Easter Egg, ...
  • Purple and Green Gems can be obtained by breaking Rating boards
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