Gems are the main currency used in the Shop as well as Global Message. They can be obtained from Blocks, Backgrounds, Props, Daily Bonus, Netherworld, and Fishing. Different Blocks, Backgrounds, and Props drop different amounts of Gems. Gems can be obtained by opening Puny Gem Pouch, Fine Gem Pouch, and Luxurious Gem Pouch as well.

You can also get 100 gems by watching an advertisement every 4 hours.

Gem Types

There are currently 5 types of gems in the game.

Image Name Amount
Gem1 Icon Blue Gem 1
Gem2 Icon Cyan Gem 5
Gem3 Icon Purple Gem 20
Gem4 Icon Green Gem 50
Gem5 Icon Red Gem 100

In-app Purchases

There are 4 packs of Gems available for players to buy in the shop for real money. The price of each pack depends on the player's region's currency. The default cost of each pack will be stated below.

During Black Friday, there might be a special offer for these packs where each pack costs cheaper than before.

Image Name Default Cost
Gem Pack 25k Box of Gems $4.99
Gem Pack 75k Pile of Gems $9.99
Gem Pack 200k Huuuge Pile of Gems $19.99
Gem Pack 500k Mega Gem Pack $44.99


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