Familiars are animals or creatures that follow the player around when equipped. You are able to get Familiars from the Familiars Shop Pack or sometimes from the VIP Daily Bonus and the new Drop Mechanics or from Quest in Pixel Station. When bought from the shop you'll get a seed/egg, to hatch the Familiar you must place the egg and wait till it grows or use Fertilizers to speed up the process. When it's fully grown, the egg is broken with one punch and the familiar will be dropped on the ground, so be careful where you break the egg because it can be stolen. You can feed to level up, evolve, & name your Familiar (You cannot change your Familiars name again so choose carefully).

How to Level Up your Familiar

To Level Up  Familiar you first need to get Familiar Food which can be trade from other players or made with Familiar Food Machine. With a Familiar Food Machine, you can either buy food for your Familiar using gems or you could actually create it as well. To produce Familiar Food the machine will show you some ingredients for you to bring to start producing the food, for example, 200 Soil Blocks, 100 Granite & 200 Cave Wall will produce you 1 Blue Cookie in 1 Hour (or you can spend gems to speed up the process). Quests can also rarely give familiar food.

After you get your Familiar Food right click or press/hold your Familiar and then click the "Familiar" button. You'll see the name, race, level and age of your Familiar, then simply click the "Feed" button to feed to Level Up your Familiar. When your Familiar reaches max level (Level 5) its name will become Orange and you will be able to evolve your Familiar to its next form.

How to Evolve your Familiar

To evolve your Familiar you first need to Level Up your Familiar to its max level (Level 5). After you get your Familiar to Level 5, take it to an Evolverator. When you open the Evolverator it will automatically show you all the Familiars you own and their Evolutions, in order for you to evolve your Familiar the Evolverator will ask you for a specific amount of gems. When you get the gems just click the Evolve button to start Evolving your Familiar, which takes time, you can either choose to wait a few days or speed up the process using gems. When your Familiar evolves it will eat a different kind of Familiar Food and its level will reset.

Some Familiars might not have evolutions such as the Whale. (The Developers might add more evolutions to some Familiars in the future updates)

More Info

Tutorial to Familiars (PETS) - Episode 30-0

Tutorial to Familiars (PETS) - Episode 30-0

Tutorial to Familiars (PETS) - Episode 30
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