Familiars are animals or creatures that follow the player around when equipped. Players are able to get Familiars from the Shop or sometimes from the VIP Daily Bonus and the new Drop Mechanics or from Quests in Pixel Station. When bought from the Shop, players will receive a seed/egg. To hatch the Familiar, players will have to place the egg and wait till it grows or use Fertilizers to speed up the process. Once it's fully grown, the egg can be broken with one punch and the familiar will be dropped on the ground, thus it is recommended for players to be aware of where the egg is placed to prevent others from stealing the familiar later on.

Players have the freedom to name their familiar (except for inappropriate names). However, familiar names cannot be changed at all, so be sure to think twice on the name!

How to Level Up Familiar?

To Level Up Familiar, players will first need to get Familiar Food which can be traded from other players or made in a Familiar Food Machine. With a Familiar Food Machine, players can either buy food for the Familiar using Gems or produce it. To produce Familiar Food, the machine will show the ingredients needed to start producing the food. For example, 200 Soil Blocks, 100 Granites & 200 Cave Walls will produce 1 Blue Cookie in 1 Hour (spending Gems will immediately complete the process). Quests can also rarely give familiar food.

After receiving the Familiar Food, right click or press/hold the Familiar and then click the "Familiar" button. You'll see the name, race, level and age of your Familiar, then simply click the "Feed" button to feed to Level Up your Familiar. When your Familiar reaches maximum level (Level 5), its name will become Orange and you will be able to evolve your Familiar to its next form.

Familiar Foods

Familiar Foods Consumers

Food Name Consumed by
Red Colored
Red Cookie ?
Red Candy Crow
Jake's Muggy
Medium Locksie
Red Sandwich Dark Bunny
Nether Ball
Red Gel Mini-bot 341-B
Flame Skull
Yellow Colored
Yellow Cookie Tiny Sun
Small Locksie
Yellow Candy Tummy Bunny
Baby Penguin
Yellow Sandwich Mini-bot
Hurt Heart
Yellow Gel Mini-bot 3PO
Ninja Pickle
Green Colored
Green Cookie Gremlin
Shy Turtle
Goldie Pot
Newbie Locksie
Green Candy Imp
Green Sandwich Pink Bunny
H2O Ghost
Treasure Chestie
Platinum Locksie
Green Gel Sensei Pickle
Four Leaf Clover
Blue Colored
Blue Cookie White Bunny
Blue Candy Cool'o'Ball
Blue Sandwich Grumpy'o'Ball
Blue Gel Mini-bot 209
World Locksie
Clan Locksie
Purple Colored
Purple Cookie Boggart
Purple Candy Cool Bunny
Fire Imp
Large Locksie
Battle Locksie
Purple Sandwich Flamer
Poop Familiar
Battle World Locksie
Purple Gel Bat
Dark Locksie

How to Evolve Familiar?

To evolve Familiar, players will first have to Level Up their Familiar to its maximum level (Level 5). After reaching Level 5, take it to an Evolverator. Opening the Evolverator will automatically show all the Familiars the player own and their Evolutions. In order to evolve the chosen Familiar, a specific amount of Gems is needed. Once the Familiar evolution process have started, players will have to wait till the process is over to receive the newly evolved Familiar or spend Gems to speed up the process. When you get the Gems just click the Evolve button to start Evolving your Familiar, which takes time, you can either choose to wait a few days or speed up the process using Gems. When your Familiar evolves it will eat a different kind of Familiar Food and its level will reset.

An evolved Familiar will start off at Level 1 and will consume a different type of Familiar Food than its predecessor.

Some Familiars might not be able to be evolved such as the Whale. (The Developers might add more evolutions to some Familiars in the future updates)

Evolvable Familiars

Familiar Gems needed Evolved into
White Bunny
White Bunny 9,000 Gems Tummy Bunny
Tummy Bunny 15,000 Gems Pink Bunny
Pink Bunny 25,000 Gems Cool Bunny
35,000 Gems Dark Bunny
Crow 25,000 Gems Raven
Mini-bot 22,000 Gems Mini-bot 209
Mini-bot 209 40,000 Gems Mini-bot 3PO
30,000 Gems Mini-bot 341-B
Gremlin 12,000 Gems Boggart
Boggart 20,000 Gems Imp
Imp 28,000 Gems Water Imp or Fire Imp
Water Imp 45,000 Gems Splasher
Fire Imp 60,000 Gems Flamer
Ninja Pickle
Ninja Pickle 75,000 Gems Sensei Pickle
Ghost 40,000 Gems H2O Ghost or Pink Ghost
Skull 45,000 Gems Flame Skull
Snow'o'Ball 30,000 Gems Cool'o'Ball
Cool'o'Ball 45,000 Gems Grumpy'o'Ball
Baby Penguin
Baby Penguin 30,000 Gems Penguinie
Penguinie 40,000 Gems Royal Penguin
Valentine 40,000 Gems Braveheart or Hurt Heart
Clover 45,000 Gems Four Leaf Clover
Tiny Sun
Tiny Sun 30,000 Gems Sunny
Shy Turtle
Shy Turtle 25,000 Gems Spinner Turtle
Spinner Turtle 35,000 Gems Senor Tortuga
Goldie Pot
Goldie Pot 30,000 Gems Treasure Chestie
Newbie Locksie
Newbie Locksie 30,000 Gems Small Locksie
Small Locksie 40,000 Gems Medium Locksie
Medium Locksie 50,000 Gems Large Locksie or Battle Locksie
Large Locksie 60,000 Gems World Locksie or Dark Locksie
Battle Locksie 60,000 Gems Battle World Locksie
World Locksie 75,000 Gems Platinum Locksie
90,000 Gems Clan Locksie
Gemmy 20,000 Gems Jewley
Jewley 30,000 Gems Amethsie
Amethsie 45,000 Gems Eme-Ralf
Eme-Ralf 60,000 Gems Rubie
Budgie 30,000 Gems Bluey
Bluey 50,000 Gems Scarlet
Scarlet 75,000 Gems Macaw
Squidsie 20,000 Gems Squidlet
Squidlet 25,000 Gems Jellie
Jellie 30,000 Gems Queentopus
35,000 Gems Sleepy Starspawn

Non-Evolvable Familiars

Familiar Obtaining
Whale Breaking Fishbowl.
Pumpkin Shop during Halloween for 50,000 Gems.
Eye Shop during Halloween for 35,000 Gems.
Nether Ball 2017 VIP Daily Bonus prize.
Butterfly Main prize of Butterfly Questline.
Jake's Muggy Sponsoring for Pixel Worlds' official Youtube channel (No longer Available).
Poop Familiar Made in Old Altar using 10 Poop and 65,000 Gems.
Bat Shop during Halloween for 100,000 Gems.
Snowperson 2018 VIP Daily Bonus prize.
Snow Owl 2019 VIP Daily Bonus prize.
Crownie Reaching total Achievements level of 130.
Baby Fire Wyvern 5★ prize from Wheel of Fortune in Pixel Mines.

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