Easter Event 2017

They added a new Easter Booster, new emotes, around +150 New clothes and blocks a Replicator which is used to craft items with Blueprints and Shards.

Easter Event 2018

Easter Booster returns with new items! Now you can enter the Netherworld in a set group of players through Red Portal! Support added for Russian, German, Spanish and other Western languages! Easter Shard and Dark Bunny Suit blueprints return for limited time! ( Dark Bunny Mask Blueprint, Dark Bunny Suit Blueprint, Dark Bunny Shoes Blueprint) Rare Hair Pack 3 for a limited time! VIP Daily Bonus Gems permanently doubled! Improvements to the PWE marketplace! And some general optimisations and improvements.

Easter Event 2019

They added a new easter set, the easter egg hunt and a new lock called Newbie World Lock. They also added 3 new songs for the music player. Some new items. They also added a new intro to the game that all new players see when they create a game.

Easter Event 2020

Added the Robochick set and new Easter Egg Surprise items.

Surprise Egg Prizes

2018 Edition

2019 Edition

2020 Edition

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