Easter Event 2017

They added a new Easter Booster, new emotes, around +150 New clothes and blocks a Replicator which is used to craft items with Blueprints and Shards.

Easter Event 2018

Easter Booster returns with new items! Now you can enter the Netherworld in a set group of players through Red Portal! Support added for Russian, German, Spanish and other Western languages! Easter Shard and Dark Bunny Suit blueprints return for limited time! (Dark Bunny Mask Blueprint, Dark Bunny Suit Blueprint, Dark Bunny Shoes Blueprint) Rare Hair Pack 3 for a limited time! VIP Daily Bonus gems permanently doubled! Improvements to the PWE marketplace! And some general optimisations and improvements.

Easter Event 2019

They added a new easter set, the easter egg hunt and a new lock called Newbie World Lock. They also added 3 new songs for the music player. Some new items. They also added a new intro to the game that all new players see when they create a game.

Easter Event 2020

Added the Robochick set and new Easter Egg Surprise items.


Surprise Egg Prizes

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