I am the sspirit of thiss altar. You have ssomething to ssacrifice?

Demon Altar
Sacrifice items to get new ones. This altar is imbued with demonic spirit.
Can be obtained from THEBLACKTOWER.
Used to make
Material(s) Result
x10 Zombie Hand Trap 500 Gems x1 Red Zombie Trap
x25 Walking Cane 7 500 Gems x1 Black Umbrella
x2 Punk Baseball Bat 10 000 Gems x1 Insulting Bat
x25 Raven Tree 150 000 Gems x1 Raven Wings
x10 Blood Sword 175 000 Gems x1 Butcher Sword
x10 Paladin's Mace 250 000 Gems x1 Mace of Corruption
Complexity: 50 Tier: N/A Rarity: Ultra Rare Ultra Rare
Item Type: Props Icon Props ItemInfo Farmable icon Non-farmable Growth Time: N/A
ItemInfo Crossbreeding icon non-crossbreedable
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