Carbon Fiber Rod (Fine).png
A strong fishing rod that's still able to wear out large fish. Good drag strength. Average handling.
Can be upgraded into Carbon Fiber Rod (Flawless) in a Rod Upgrade Station.
Made in
Material(s) Amount
Empty Bottle.png
Empty Bottle 50
Seashell 10
Goldfish (Medium).png
Goldfish (Medium) 50
Gems Gems 16 000
Carbon Fiber Rod (Fine).png Carbon Fiber Rod (Fine) 1
Complexity: - Tier: N/A Rarity: Uncommon Uncommon
Item Type: Weapons Weapons Farmability Non-farmable Growth Time: N/A
Crossbreed non-crossbreedable
Damage 100 Critical 0% Earth 0 Air 0 Fire 0 Water 0 Dark 0 Light 0
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