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Thephuminhthienan2010 Thephuminhthienan2010 2 September 2021



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Thephuminhthienan2010 Thephuminhthienan2010 20 February 2021


GESTAN is a world created by TrevonPrime (Me) and was based on a basic world full of boosters, sites quiz hubs and farms.

  • 1 Locations
    • 1.1 Nova Square
    • 1.2 Village of Decorations
    • 1.3 Fun Gallery
    • 1.4 Platformer Hub

Nova Square is located above the Spike's Flame Trap, it contains an empty space full of invisible sewage pipes.

Village of Decorations is located at the east of the world, just above Checkerboard WC, it's very large (excluding the Fun Gallery and the Dutch's Caribbean Shipwreck.) and this is all the buildings that where located here:

  • A cabin contains a Classic Painting, 4 wooden chairs, a Fireplace, a Small Chest, a Wooden Table and a Wardrobe.
  • A V.I.P. cabin with Nether Crystal as a visiting prize.
  • A quest cabin.
  • 2 outhouses, one under the V.I.P. c…

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RealTarnz RealTarnz 2 November 2020

Helping New Players

If you need help or donations, or are just in a tight spot right now, come to @TARNZ for donations and guidance. You may also contact my discord Tarnz#6186

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BushPush BushPush 2 September 2020

31st August 2020: 1.5.8 (Mining Update)

Mining update!

- Huge new feature: Mining world with multiple levels, monsters, treasures and more!

- Get a pickaxe and start mining valuable gemstones.

- Update your pickaxe to break blocks faster and to get more gemstones.

- Collect ingredients to craft mining related items.

- Make keys to gain access to deeper levels.

- Fight new monsters!

- Darkness Orbs: make your world dark!

- New Daily Bonus and community items!

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MmGMZ MmGMZ 31 August 2020

I quited pixel worlds..

Dude I quited pw I wish someone help me get back but ik everyone might bully me and it’s almost my bday.. please don’t be one of em bro I’m in tears rn I got scammed all my items EVEN UNTRADABLES ;-; I hope someone helps me

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BushPush BushPush 20 June 2020

10th June 2020: 1.5.7 (Ancient Time & Summer Update)

- Crazy Summer Sale for the weekend of 13th&14th of June! Both Gems and VIP time with half the price!

- Summer Events start 1st July!

- Bring Ice Cream Cone to Big Billy for limited time items!

- Flowers of Summer: harvest flowers for special Giant Clam Chest!

- New Daily Bonus and community items!

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DarksValley DarksValley 18 June 2020

How to get rich?

How to get rich guys im playing the game for 12days

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BushPush BushPush 10 June 2020

18th May 2020: 1.5.6 (Pets Update)

- Get a pet that lives in your world! You can select its appearance, care for it and train it.

- Three types of pet species: Cats, Dogs and Blobs!

- Send your pet onto an adventure and it might bring back special tokens and other treasures!

- Epic PWR Suit - Yellow (1st June)!

- New Old Altar items!

- New community item: Mythical Blue Tentacle!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

1st April 2020: 1.5.5 (Easter update)

Here comes the April update! This update brings back the yearly Easter Event with many limited items added and a newly refreshed Daily Bonus items. You can obtain the Easter Graffiti from Netherworld, fishing and farming, and a huge gem prize after completing it. Dark Bunny set blueprints, Easter Booster and Easter Shard have returned for a limited time only, with an all new Robo Chick set included in the Easter Booster!

Talking about Easter event, we have also introduced many new mini events and there will be different mini-events coming every week!

From the recent Head Item Design Content, Alien In Head and Mantle Sword is now available in the Community Items Pack located in the shop for 180 days!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

11th March 2020: 1.5.4 (St. Pat's update)

- Limited time VIP bundle: Golden Speech Earring. Make your speech bubble golden!

- Break Pots of Gold and bring clover leaves to Leprechaun for limited time items!

- Seasonal St. Patrick’s booster with new items!

- Finish St.Patrick’s graffiti for gem prize!

- Lucky Lure for St.Patricks: awesome chance to catch all fish!

- Netherworld miniboss minievent (starts 20th March)!

- PWE Orders: list items you want to buy!

- New colors and platforms for Color-o-mat!

- New achievements!

- New Community item!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

15th January 2020: 1.5.2 (Faction Battle update)

- Faction Battle Lock, Checkpoints, Doors and Portals for Light vs. Dark battles!

- New Starter gem pack with untradeable Amber Wings!

- Lunar New Year event: Catch lanterns for special items including Qing Dao sword!

- Fireworks booster, with new legendary, active 24.-26.1. for Lunar New Year!

- New tier items: Donation Box, Guest Book, Power Lift, Electro Sphere!

- Pixel Worlds Anniversary event 24.-27.1. Get Anniversary Cake 3yo and Jukebox!

- New community item: Hellhounds Blade!

- Wiring items prices lowered, permanently!

- Lock familiar evolve: Clan Locksie!

- Frost Necklace returns for limited time!

- New Daily Bonus main prizes!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

9th December 2019: 1.5.1 (Xmas update)

- Untradeable Ice Rifle + 200K gems Combo Pack!

- Snowflake event: catch a snowflake for free Xmas gift!

- Community items: Sunrise Staff and Xmas Jetpack!

- Xmas booster with 10 new items (6 legendaries)!

- Item Bank: Store even your untradeable items!

- Xmas and Year 2020 graffitis!

- Winter Familiars!

- Snowcastle Kit!

- Fireworks booster for New Year!

- New Daily Bonus prizes including Snow Owl familiar!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

27th November 2019: 1.5.0 (Clan update)

This update starts a new era in Pixel Worlds that we as developers have been waiting for a long time. We already planned to create the clans over 3 years ago. In the end we ended up delaying them until we had enough content, so that the clans would actually work and be viable. We are so proud to finally release the update to you guys!

- Create your own clan or join one!

- Level up the clan and your reputation to gain bonuses and access to clan only items!

- Separate items for Light and Dark clans: mask, familiar, weapons, wings and more!

- Huge Black Friday offers on 29. Nov to 2. Dec!

- Thanks Giving Event on 28. Nov!

- Xmas calendar from 1.-25. December!

- Community item: Swordfish Sword!

- Rare Hair Pack 5!

- New Daily Bonus prizes

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

16th October 2019: 1.4.4 (Halloween Update)

- The Black Tower returns with new legendary items!

- Catch lost souls to gain free entry into the Black Tower!

- Limited time Halloween bundle: 75 000 gems and Flaming Head!

- New Community item: Blade of the Wolf!

- Halloween globe: Scary weather for your world!

- Ghost Ring!

- Spectral Necklace!

- New Halloween candy set: Haunted Monkey!

- Bone Wings (from Candy Demon)!

- Halloween graffiti!

- Halloween pets, orb, blueprints, shard!

- New Daily Bonus main prizes!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

18th September 2019: 1.4.3 (Best Update Ever)

- Treasure chests and gem pouches drop from blocks, enemies and fishing!

- Treasure chests give items from boosters, even legendary ones!

- Much more gems from all gem packs, with old price!

- 4 times more free gems from VIP every day: 2000 gems!

- Weather Globes for adding weather effects to your world!

- Color-O-Mat: Create pixel art with new colourable tiles and blocks!

- Take a full world screenshot with new camera item!

- New rare drops from Deep Nether Monsters!

- Pro Fishing Cup every month!

- New achievements and level prizes!

- New Blueprints: Dubstep Bazooka and Knight set!

- 30 new Tier items!

- New items in Samuraiii booster!

- New Daily Bonus prizes, more gems and bytes for VIP’s!

And much more! ;)

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

7th August 2019: 1.4.2 (Pirate update)

- Huge pirate themed booster! Everything you need to build your own pirate ship and stronghold plus cool pirate outfits too!

- Blue Lagoon Kit! Awesome underwater items to make water areas more live than ever!

- New Parrot familiar!

- 1000 Day Cape for true veteran pixelians!

- Rare Bird Tribe Daily quest!

- New gem pack for 300 000 gems!

- Summer Sky Orb finally returns!

- Ice Cream and Flowers of Summer events continue until the end of August!

- Friday the 13th -event in September!

- New Daily Bonus items!

- Lots of technical optimizations and bug fixes.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

17th June 2019: 1.4.0 (Wiring update)

- Wiring mechanic: create complex systems and actions into your worlds!

- New wiring related items added to many existing boosters!

- New Epic Superhero questline!

- Summer kit: Build your own summer paradise!

- Summer events start 3rd July!

- Break ice cream carts and bring the cones to Big Billy for summer themed rewards!

- Sun Hammer and Golden Popsicle Statue return!

- Summer Sky Orb returns!

- Flowers of Summer every weekend: break any flowers for special drops!

- Celebrate 4th of July with the Fireworks booster!

- New Daily Bonus items!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

8th May 2019: 1.3.6 (Alien update)

- Aliens booster with 65 new items!

- Alien Planet Kit: everything you need for creating an alien world!

- New familiars: Locks and Gems!

- New skin color rings and Alien contact lenses, VIP only!

- New blueprints: Mech Wings and Purple Laser Sword!

- AD Tv: Everyone can watch ads for extra gems, owner get 5 gems per ad!

- Extra PWE slot with an ad!

- Items rarities in inventory.

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- Lots of fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

10th April 2019: 1.3.5 (Easter update)

- Completely new tutorial and Noob World Lock!

- Easter Booster with new items, including special set for 2019 only!

- Easter graffiti event: get graffiti pieces from fishing, dungeons and farming. Complete full graffiti for huge gem prize!

- Easter special event: search and find Easter Eggs to get rare limited time items and gems!

- 3 new tracks for music players!

- New super hero set for the monthly Secret Lab event!

- 5 new Tier items!

- Pet Owner’s Day on April 18th: All pets available again for a limited time!

- Cinco de Mayo on May 5th: find Pinatas and Sombreros!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

6th March 2019: 1.3.4 (St. Pat's update)

- Completely new XP system with perks!

- Unlock perks to get permanent bonuses! Git gud!

- Pots of Gems! Find and break pots of gems to finish the Leprechaun’s quest and get rare items!

- St. Patrick’s booster with a lot of new items!

- New world generation system!

- Gem Soil!

- New Old Altar item!

- 30+ new items in total!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- Fixes and optimisations

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

6th February 2019: 1.3.3 (Valentine update)

- Catch floating hearts that appear in worlds and consume them to get free items from Candyworld booster!

- Fishing, Nether Monsters and chocolate blocks (Milk, Dark and Dark Decoration Chocolate Block) from Candyworld booster drop rare pieces of Heart graffiti. Finish full graffiti for 5000 gems!

- Take a Valentine’s selfie, post to instagram with hashtags #valentine and #pixelvalentine. During the event 1 player will win GOLD VIP each day.

- Candyworld booster, Heart Shard, Heart Familiar and Love Cape return for Valentine’s!

- Pink PWR Suit blueprint!

- Rare Hair Pack 4!

- New superhero set!

- Message in a bottle as a rare drop from fishing: send a message to whoever will find it!

- 30+ new items!

- New fossil: Dragon!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- …

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

16th January 2019: 1.3.2 (Fishing Tournament update)

- Weekly fishing contests with gem prizes!

- Compete in different cups and win up to 250 000 gems!

- Pixel Worlds 2 year anniversary mini event (21st January)! Special drops: 2-year Cake, Anniversary Radio, Anniversary Sword (from Netherworld monsters)!

- Castle Kit: All the blocks for your dream castle!

- New Daily bonus and VIP main prizes!

- iPhone notch support.

- Bug fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

12th December 2018: 1.3.1 (Xmas update)

- Xmas booster with new items included!

- Xmas event: catch snowflakes for free booster items!

- New seasonal VIP item: Frost Wings!

- Seasonal Xmas items and familiars: Frost Necklace, Winter Pack, Penguin and Snowman!

- New kits: Snow Castle, Garden, Decoration and Tree!

- New superhero set: Blackbird!

- New Daily Bonus prizes including familiar!

- Fireworks booster (on sale from 28th December) for celebrating New Year!

- New fishing Daily Quests!

- New world tags: Fishing, Collection, Storage

- Fixes and optimisations

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

21st November 2018: 1.3.0 (Fishing update)

- Fishing! Can you catch big enough fish for the World Record?

- 8 different fish species, 5 size categories!

- Upgrade and craft your fishing gear!

- 20+ different lures!

- Sell your catch for gems!

- New achievements!

- Black Friday Special offers!

- Thanks Giving mini-event!

- Xmas Calendar starts on 1st December!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

17th October 2018: 1.2.8 (Halloween update)

- The Black Tower is back! Race through the tower to get valuable loot!

- Legendary items in the Tower change every week!

- Recall Magnet for returning items to your inventory!

- Collect Halloween candy from the top of the Tower for special set!

- Halloween familiars return with a new member!

- Midnight Cape blueprint and Snake Eyes are back!

- Demon and Old Altar for creating Legendary+ items and more!

- New Superhero set: Sir Laser!

- Cemetery Orb.

- Over 50 new items in total!

- Fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

12th September 2018: 1.2.7 (Fantasy update)

- TWO new boosters: Elven Booster & Chaos Booster (26th Sept.) !

- Over 130 new items in total!

- New feature: Crafting potions!

- Ingredient drops from enemies and all blocks!

- New Achievement!

- New Special Items: Wishing Well, Sword in Stone, Magic Cauldron!

- Remember to check limited time events in the main menu!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- New Superhero set!

- Fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

15th August 2018: 1.2.6 (August update)

- Icons for world owner and players with different rights!

- New type of rights for locks!

- Three new seasonal familiars!

- Gravity Modifier: Change your world’s gravity!

- New tier items: Mannequin, VIP Door, Display Block and more!

- Limited edition Elite Watergun, only 50 will be available in PWE!

- New PWR blueprint!

- 50+ New Daily Quests!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- New Superhero set!

- Two new tracks for music players!

- New dance emote, two face expressions!

- FFM and Evolverator now available in Shop!

- Fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

11th July 2018: 1.2.5 (Summer update)

- Additional summer mini-event for special item!

- Guns guns guns! AK-47 and Beretta are now in the game!

- New seasonal items: Sun Hammer, Summer Sky Orb, Popsicle Statue!

- Introducing Kits! Home Kit and Summer Kit!

- New legendary items for Medieval, Scifi and Gangsta Boosters!

- AK-47 and Black Visor Blueprints!

- Events listed in Main Menu!

- Support for iPhone X!

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

6th June 2018: 1.2.3 (Superhero update)

- Be a superhero and help fight the Evil Professor and his minions!

- New world with AI enemies: The Secret Lab!

- Boss fight!

- Loot all kinds of cool items like laser pistol, hero capes and shooter traps!

- Over 70 new items!

- New item sold by Nether vendor!

- New achievements!

- Item for listing worlds with your world locks!

- Celebrate 4th of July with Fireworks booster!

- Daily Bonus smallest gem prize doubled!

- Fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 26 April 2020

2nd May 2018: 1.2.2 (Urban update)

- Huuuge Urban Booster with 90 new items for creating city worlds!

- Recycler! Get rid of bulk items you don’t need and you can win ByteCoins or special items!

- New permanent orb: City Orb!

- Graffiti! Find paint cans and consume them to get cool graffiti for your city world!

- New one-time combo purchase for experienced players!

- Cinco de Mayo event on May 5th!

- New body and face emotions!

- New Daily Bonus prices!

- New tier items!

- New achievement!

- Loads of technical improvements, hack checks and optimizations.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

28th March 2018: 1.2.1 (Easter update)

- Easter Booster returns with new items!

- Easter event starts on March 30th!

- Friday 13th mini event on.. guess when!

- Pet Owner’s day mini event on 18th April!

- Enter the Netherworld in a set group of players through Red Portal!

- Support added for Russian, German, Spanish and other Western languages!

- Easter Shard and Dark Bunny Suit blueprints return for limited time!

- Rare Hair Pack 3 for a limited time!

- VIP Daily Bonus gems permanently doubled!

- Improvements to PWE marketplace!

- Optimisations and improvements.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

14th March 2018: 1.2.0 (St. Pat's update)

- St. Patrick’s Live Event and Booster!

- Double gem prizes from Daily Bonus for 2 weeks!

- Marketplace: Sell and buy items in the global Marketplace!

- Byte Coin: Global currency for both Marketplace and direct trades!

- 150 new items in total on Tiers, Booster and Quests!

- Butterfly collecting and new NPC Questline!

- New item for Nether Vendor!

- New Daily Bonus main prizes!

- New limited time familiar!

- Automatic popup text for storage item contents!

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

7th February 2018: 1.1.60 (Valentine update)

- Valentine’s Day is here!

- Catch a Heart mini event on 14th February!

- New Dynamic World: Pixel Station!

- Recipe book for growing those items!

- Candy booster with 69 items!

- Love Cape blueprint!

- Selfie competition with free Gold VIP price every day!

- New limited time familiar!

- New items for Scifi Booster!

- 6 new achievements!

- 15 new items for tiers!

- New item type: Magic item.

- Optimisations and bug fixes.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

17th January 2018: 1.1.50 (Deep Nether update)

- 1 year Anniversary Event (21st January) with special limited time items!

- Enter the Deep Nether and defeat all monsters to collect valuable currency.

- Find the the mystical vendor in the Netherworld to gain legendary items.

- Lots of new items, weapons and wearables!

- New achievement.

- Event announcements in the Main Menu.

- 10 hour Fertilizer for those slow growing trees.

- World trading prevented if Prize Boxes contain items.

- Changes to Sign and Gravestone dynamic texts.

- Multiple improvements on tutorial.

- Multiple technical improvements.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

14th December 2017: 1.1.40 (Xmas update)

- Happy holidays with X-mas Event: Catch a snowflake in any world and get a free X-mas gift!

- X-mas Booster with 45 items!

- New frost items in the booster and Daily Bonus.

- 2 new familiars: Snowball and Penquin!

- New evolve form for Ninja Pickle!

- Frost Necklace blueprint.

- Keep an eye out for Santa or Krampus and you might get gifts!

- Winter Orb.

- Fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

28th November 2017: 1.1.3 (Netherworld update)

- Enter Netherworld to fight monsters and loot gems!

- Get Red Scrolls from Daily Bonus or Shop to enter Netherworld.

- New items: Sprite Wings, Nether Armor Set and more.

- New Daily Quests and Achievements.

- New Daily Bonus main prizes including a new familiar!

- Rulebot added to Platformer Booster.

- Whale Familiar, Fossil and Bone Dust drop chances increased.

- Bug fixes, performance optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

25th October 2017: 1.1.21 (Halloween Update)

With the Halloween update comes the Black tower event that takes Pixel Worlds into a totally new hights! Compete against other players and win Halloween exclusive prizes!

- Halloween event!

- Enter the Black Tower to loot limited time items!

- Collect lost souls from Worlds for a free entry!

- Over 80 new items, biggest content update ever!

- Weekly changing legendary prizes in the Black Tower!

- Limited time Halloween familiars: ghost, pumkin and more!

- New ring, contact lenses, cemetery orb, Midnight cape blueprint!

- Halloween music for your world!

- New Daily Bonus prizes!

- Bug fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

30th September 2017: 1.1.10 (Viking update)

- Vikings are coming with over 60 new items!
- Viking Booster with 40+ new items.
- Viking hair pack.
- Valkyrie Wings Blueprint.
- Security updates (set recovery email!).
- Bug fixes.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

30th August 2017: 1.1.0 (PVP update)

- PvP! Fight other players in special battle areas and host tournaments!
- Weapons have PvP damage, some wearables have armor.
- New PvP achievements.
- Lock Tokens: 100 tokens can be converted into one world lock and vice versa.
- 50+ new items including Rare Hair Pack 2 and Red PWR set.
- Fossils to be found, restored and built into skeletons of ancient creatures.
- Updated item info screen.
- New Daily Quests including PvP.
- HAM radio for world-to-world communication.
- New expressions.
- Several fixes and optimisations.

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

2nd August 2017: 1.0.9 (Familiars update)

- Familiars (pets)! The most requested feature from the community. Familiars can be levelled up and evolved into different forms. More than 20 types of familiars.
- 15 new daily quests
- You now get up to 60% more gems from in game purchases.
- New rare drops...
- Kiddie Ride: 2017 Block Creation Contest winner. Design by _Evil_
- New achievements
- Optimizations and bug fixes

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BushPush BushPush 25 April 2020

5th July 2017: Update 1.0.8

- CHANGES TO WORLD TRADING (if world has "free collectables" it cannot be traded)

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WarriorHunter WarriorHunter 9 April 2020

How to earn wls and become pro !!!

  1. ==== Make your world a farm (break lines and make farm by soils).====
  2. ====Try to get some Spike Bomb and Wooden Platform , After you can them farm Spike Bomb for Gems and Platform for World Locks (Farm them until you get 200 and sell it for World Lock and do this many times and get like 10-12Wls ).====
  3. ====After you get 10-12Wls, buy a Bamboo Flawless and gems you get by Spike Bomb buy with them lures then start fishing and in same time try to upgrade it to Superior.====
  4. ====When you upgrade your rod, continue buying lures and fish then sell your fishs you got for World Locks (2k Fgems/1Wl )====
  5. ====Do this with a big amount of lures to get more World Locks .====

Fishing is the best way to get World Locks Safety, and remember never give your…

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Wilkkuzz Wilkkuzz 2 June 2019

How did i start Pixel Worlds?

Well its an long story well i started in easter 2017.There was no byte coins then when i was playing it bcs i wanted to get and sword called Claymore when i saw it i was like wow omg i need that thats so cool sword in my mind.Well i didint get it so i stopped well i tryed to get it hard way not the easy way.i tryed wach vids in my phone to get 75 gems that 1 pack cost 550 gems i tryed to get it from farming.It was hard bcs i didint have any good farmables i farmed obsidian soil and marble. it was hard bcs of my time was low on play times i didint get it so i quited.Well i started that is found in Steam 2018 in Urban update it was easy due to nether came in to Pixel Worlds and Byte coins.I started in account named Wilhelmigod.it was easy.Wh…

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RedcodeEst RedcodeEst 2 June 2019

My good times

Have fun for the game in.

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Devin Donatello Devin Donatello 18 February 2019

What’s the Best Farmables to sell??

Greetings, I’m CyanVin from another existence where we solve crimes and arrest killers. Zzz....

Anyway, i want to ask a simple question

What’s the best farmable to farm?? I really need your opinion. I accept every opinion, even the auestionable one

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ArKaTaDa ArKaTaDa 16 October 2018

Helping others!

Today was a blast!

I was able to help a couple of people and made their day by giving them advice and some in game items.

Loved their reaction and hopefully they put those items in to good use.

Can't wait to do this again.

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FoxysPW FoxysPW 2 October 2018

ONLY trust players you know in real life

Some players trust those people who are more popular than them, more pro than them and even those who they don't know, and let me just say one word. DON'T TRUST PLAYERS WHO YOU DON'T KNOW IRL! Only trust those people who you know in real life, not in your game because they are closer to you in real life and you know them and they know you. So don't trust players who are just for your items, don't trust those trust tests, drop to win and other scam-related games that includes dropping or giving wls for items. Thank you and that's all.

Also, don't scam and please remain this game a good community 

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Z-MOD PW Z-MOD PW 25 July 2018

How To Become Pro and Get Many World Locks in a Short Time !!!

Hello Guys, I'm Z-MOD, Today i will tutorial how to become pro and get many World Locks in a short time.

  1. First you need to collect 10 seeds of Obsidian , 10 seeds of Marble , 10 seeds of Soil Block and 10 seeds of Lava.
  2. Second Crossbreed : Obsidian + Marble = Magic Stuff . and Crossbreed : Soil Block + Lava = Wood Block . and get seeds of Magic Stuff and Wood Block to Crossbreed : Magic Stuff + Wood Block = Wooden Platform .
  3. Third farmable Wooden Platform to get Tons like 2000 Wooden Platform in 1 Day.
  4. Fourth go to world : TRADE or BUY. and Say : Sell Wooden Platform 200/1Wl Have Tons.
  5. Fifth Many people will buy Wooden Platform and you will get from 2000 Wooden Platform = 10 World Locks in 1 Day.
  6. Sixth if you get 10 World Locks buy a pro farm wo…
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Acejoshuacalimlim Acejoshuacalimlim 19 July 2018


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Oskufinland Oskufinland 7 April 2018

Pixel world

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