Big Billy (NPC), is a lifeguard that is OBSESSED with Ice Cream and our job is to feed him as much Ice Cream as possible to fuel his obsession. Each time you deliver Ice Cream to Big Billy he will give you a reward and then he is going to give you another quest to give him more Ice Cream. There are multiple quests and 3 different tiers for you to complete during the Summer Event.

Big Billy's Location: Big Billy is located in SUMMERQUEST.

Icecream Cones are obtainable from Pixel Station or from any world in the event called: Special Ice Cream CART HUNT. This event can be activated with a Golden Cone Statue and Golden Popsicle Statue, which allows Ice Cream Carts to spawn every hour (0:00).

2017 Summer Quest:

Tier 1 of Big Billy's quest:

Parts Icecream Cones Rewards
Part I 1 Icecream Cone Small Sand Castle
Part II 3 Icecream Cone Blue Sport Top
Part III 5 Icecream Cone Blue Sun Umbrella
Part IV 10 Icecream Cone Blue Swim Briefs
Part V 25 Icecream Cone Blue Sunglasses
Part VI 35 Icecream Cone Duck Floater
Part VII 45 Icecream Cone Green Surfboard
Part VIII 60 Icecream Cone Blue Flippers
Part IX 75 Icecream Cone Blue Snorkel
259 Ice Cream Cones in total.

Tier 2 of Big Billy's quest:

Parts Icecream Cones Rewards
Part I 10 Icecream Cone Medium Sand Castle
Part II 20 Icecream Cone Red Sport Top
Part III 30 Icecream Cone Red Sun Umbrella
Part IV 40 Icecream Cone Red Swim Briefs
Part V 50 Icecream Cone Red Sunglasses
Part VI 65 Icecream Cone Walrus Floater
Part VII 80 Icecream Cone Yellow Surfboard
Part VIII 100 Icecream Cone Red Flippers
Part IX 120 Icecream Cone Red Snorkel
515 Ice Cream Cones in total.

Tier 3 of Big Billy's quest:

Parts Icecream Cones Rewards
Part I 25 Icecream Cone Large Sand Castle
Part II 40 Icecream Cone Gold Sport Top
Part III 55 Icecream Cone Purple Sun Umbrella
Part IV 70 Icecream Cone Golden Swim Briefs
Part V 90 Icecream Cone Golden Sunglasses
Part VI 110 Icecream Cone Dog Floater
Part VII 130 Icecream Cone Purple Surfboard
Part VIII 150 Icecream Cone Golden Flippers
Part IX 175 Icecream Cone Golden Snorkel
Part X 200 Icecream Cone Pro Water Gun
1,045 Ice Cream Cones in total!

In order to complete the 2017 Summer Quest, you required 1,819 Icecream Cones.

2018 Summer Quest:

Parts Icecream Cones Rewards
Part I 15 Icecream Cone Summer Shorts
Part II 25 Icecream Cone Summer Dress
Part III 40 Icecream Cone Summer Hijab
Part IV 50 Icecream Cone Tiki Bar
Part V 60 Icecream Cone Summer Shades
Part VI 70 Icecream Cone Sailor Shirt
Part VII 80 Icecream Cone Summer Hat
Part VIII 90 Icecream Cone Surf Stand
Part IX 125 Icecream Cone Fish Club
Part X 140 Icecream Cone Octo-Hat
Part XI 160 Icecream Cone Ice Cream Club
Part XII 170 Icecream Cone Kettle Grill
Part XIII 180 Icecream Cone Scuba Gear
Part XIV 190 Icecream Cone Sea Wings
Part XV 200 Icecream Cone Harpoon Gun
1,605 Ice Cream Cones in total!

In order to complete the 2018 Summer Quest, you required 1,605 Ice Cream Cones.

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