Bait Vest
A green version of a vest mostly worn by fishermen. Extends the living depth of all fish species.
Can be created in the Fisherman's Fashion.
Made in
Material(s) Amount
Sunken Anchor
Sunken Anchor 50
Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring 3
Sea Angler (Tiny)
Sea Angler (Tiny) 10
Bait Vest Bait Vest 1
Complexity: - Tier: N/A Rarity: Uncommon Uncommon
Item Type: Shirts Icon Shirts ItemInfo Farmable icon Non-farmable Growth Time: N/A
ItemInfo Crossbreeding icon non-crossbreedable
ItemInfo Defence icon 0 ItemInfo Critical icon 0% DamageElement earth 0 DamageElement air 0 DamageElement fire 0 DamageElement water 0 DamageElement dark 0 DamageElement light 0
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