Bait Hat
A comfy blue hat with a lure as decoration. Makes fish strike more often while fishing.
Can be created in the Fisherman's Fashion.
Made in
Material(s) Amount
Seashell 3
Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl 1
Butterflyfish (Medium)
Butterflyfish (Medium) 25
Bait Hat Bait Hat 1
Complexity: - Tier: N/A Rarity: Uncommon Uncommon
Item Type: Hats Icon Hats ItemInfo Farmable icon Non-farmable Growth Time: N/A
ItemInfo Crossbreeding icon non-crossbreedable
ItemInfo Defence icon 0 ItemInfo Critical icon 0% DamageElement earth 0 DamageElement air 0 DamageElement fire 0 DamageElement water 0 DamageElement dark 0 DamageElement light 0
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